Newly Single Tyrese Says He Was Invited To A ‘Vegan Sex Party’: What Are Y’all On Out Here?


Newly Single Tyrese Says He Was Invited To A ‘Vegan Sex Party’: What Are Y’all On Out Here?

It looks like Tyrese is a hot commodity now that he’s single. The singer and his estranged wife Samantha Lee Gibson announced their split earlier this year.

There appeared to be hope as Tyrese made it clear he sees gospel icon Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy Franklin as goals as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

But now, Tyrese appears to have settled into the idea of being a single man. He revealed on Instagram Friday, Feb. 26th, that his DMs are full, but he’s not ready for a new relationship yet.

“The DM’s hit on 99+ + + crazy thing as much as I thought I would wanna be out here….. This life ain’t quite it…. I just wanna play right now- Honestly I wanna heal and play right now…. not too many just 1 maybe 2…… maybe 30 LOL….. “

He continued,

“fresh out of a 5 year bid lol s*** is waaaaaaayyyyyy too fresh for me to lock in for real for real but I promise you the late night jack in the box runs will be fun…… Arguing over who’s gonna pay for these 99 cent tacos  is fun waiting to happen……… Crazy thing is as much access as I have and options I find myself just wanting one…. Just one….”

Still, he’s not against moving on one day. He added,

“ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzz all jokes aside I hope and pray that God sends me the true desires of my HEART and what I desire is LOYALTY hood love, that Sex that’s so magical that when it ends you lay there MAD…..oh yeah lastly someone who can make me some tacos….. Home made tacos LOL -Jody”

In another post, he revealed one of the craziest messages he’s received.

“…I just got invited to a vegan sex party…… what in the entire f are y’all on out here….. left her on READ… If you see this you are innovative but wtf????? Was I supposed to hit her back and say shoot me the addy? Run that lettuce?”

He then asked his female followers to describe the single life after being concerned he was “out of touch.”

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