Beyoncé’s Mother Tina Lawson Says She Misses Her Grandchildren: Blue Is Growing So Fast! [VIDEO]

Tina with daughter Beyonce and granddaughter Blue Ivy

Beyoncé‘s Mother Tina Lawson Says She Misses Her Grandchildren: Blue Is Growing So Fast! [VIDEO]

Tina Lawson, mother of entertainer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Solange Knowles is missing her grandchildren.

Tina and grandson Juelz (Solange’s son)

She recently shared this on social media.

Tina & Richard Lawson

Tina Lawson and her husband Richard Lawson have chosen to quarantine separately from their children and this is created a longing to spend time with their growing grandchildrenTina Lawson posted a video montage to Instagram of her granddaughter Blu Ivy Carter growing up throughout the years while expressing how much she wants to be with them:

I miss my grandchildren so much and Blue is growing up so fast . She will probably be as tall as me when i see her again .”

Tina Lawson calls Blu Ivy’s voice angelic as she is heard talking throughout the video:

“God she has the most angelic voice what happened to the time. She pronounces Beyoncé like Besaye’”

See the post below.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce, Tina on Halloween circa 2016

Tina and Blu Ivy have a very close relationship. In 2018 Tina and Richard Lawson appeared on OWN’s “Black Love” docuseries, where Tina shared that before getting married in 2014, Blue Ivy was the first person to ask when she and Richard would be tying the knot:

“And then, after that [Tina’s 60th birthday party], I went on boat with Beyoncé, Jay, and Blue and one night we came down and Blue said, ‘Oh y’all look beautiful. When are y’all getting married?’ I think she was about 3. Not that that made us do it, but it made us start laughing about it and thinking about it.

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Authored By: Eugene Smilez

Authored by: Eugene Smilez