Little Women: Atlanta’s Ms. Juicy Explains Her Exit From Rickey Smiley Morning Show: They Didn’t Offer Me A Contract! [VIDEO]

Little Women: Atlanta’s Ms. Juicy Explains Her Exit From Rickey Smiley Morning Show: They Didn’t Offer Me A Contract! [VIDEO]

Little Women: Atlanta fan favorite and Rickey Smiley Morning Show radio personality Shirlene King Pearson (aka Ms. Juicy) is no longer on the popular radio show and she is now setting the record straight. Some fans of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show had questions when they noticed that Ms. Juicy was not on the January 7th episode. Now it seems that Ms. Juicy is answering the question that some have been asking. Recently, two producers Kim Nelson Ingram and Eurro Rice answered questions about her departure saying:

“We’re both new to the show. So we joined the show in January and the decision about the cast was already determined, but I was excited to see that when I was watching the Clark Sisters on Lifetime that Juicy is back on Little Women of Atlanta. So you can catch her on Lifetime on Little Women of Atlanta and hopefully she’ll make a guest appearance on the show sometime.”

“And I think that something that people didn’t realize too is that when Rickey took over Tom’s show he moved to Dallas so a lot of the cast was in Atlanta.”

“She couldn’t do Little Women of Atlanta if she was in Dallas”

Ms. Juicy has now responded, denying that she could not film the Rickey Smiley Morning Show because of Little Women: Atlanta. Ms. Juicy says,

“I know you was told recently by the live video that was posted that the reason why I left was because I was filming Little Women Atlanta. I am a part of Little Women: Atlanta everyone knows, and there’s no way that I would be able to film that show and The Rickey Smiley Morning Show moved to Dallas, Texas. That is not the reason. It wasn’t because I had to film Little Women: Atlanta and I couldn’t be in Dallas. I was not fired. Other comments were saying that I was fired, so that is another reason why I said I owed it to my fans and supporters and listeners and everybody else. I feel like if something was going to be said, it should’ve been the truth or a corporate political statement should’ve been made.”

“The real reason why I am not on the Rickey Smiley Morning show is because I was not offered and new contract to be on the new show. And when I wasn’t offered a new contract to be on the new show my lawyers worked very hard, tried very hard to get them to offer something, anything, and nothing was offered. So at that time I had to realize what my worth was. Was I going to continue or was I gonna move on. And so that was a lesson learned.”

“I decided to move on. Because one thing that I have learned is that we can miss out on our blessings if we try to stay in a situation that we’re not meant to stay in. God put us in places to be for a reason and for a season. You got to know when its your time. If you don’t know when its your time and you don’t recognize it, you can miss out on your blessings. So it was bittersweet at first. I was very, very, upset at first.”

Ms. Juicy goes on to reveal her initial feelings on the contractual falling out, but she appreciates the members of the radio show that reached out to her and congratulated her on her successes and other ventures she is pursuing.

Ms. Juicy has been on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show since 2008. She stopped being a regular on the show in 2014 because of her appearances on Little Women: Atlanta. However, she made guest appearances on the show up until 2019 when the contractual issues began. Rickey Smiley also took over radio veteran Tom Joyner’s morning show in January 2020. Tom Joyner retired in December 2019 and hosted his morning show for the last 25 years and announced in July 2019 that Rickey Smiley would be his predecessor.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla