Dave Chappelle – Fight Breaks Out During Comedian’s Performance In Australia

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle – Fight Breaks Out During Comedian’s Performance In Australia


Dave Chappelle’s comedy show was interrupted by a brawl that took place in the crowd.

During Thursday evening’s (Feb. 2) show at the RAC Arena, a commotion that involved yelling and cursing broke out in the crowd. Due to Dave Chappelle‘s strict ban of cellphones, there are no pictures or videos of the incident.

Apparently, at the time of the brawl, the comedian was discussing how he was famously tackled by an audience member in 2022.

As previously reported, Dave Chappelle was performing at the Hollywood Bowl last year as part of the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival, when a man ran up on stage and tackled him. The man then ran backstage, where security quickly apprehended him.

Isaiah Lee, Dave Chappelle

Fans that were present during Thursday night’s show praised the controversial comedian for how well he handled the incident.

One fan tweeted,

“Dave Chappelle showed me he is the GOAT in Perth tonight and an absolute professional. Shame some bogans in the crowd decided to have a fight half way through his set.”

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 3: Dave Chappelle performs at HartBeat Weekend 2017 – Day 3 Dave Chappelle Live at The Chelsea on Sunday September 3, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Shot by @ArnoldShoots)

Another person said,

“I was most impressed with how quickly he got the crowd back.”

Reportedly, several people in the crowd were confused and thought the fight was a part of the show.

An attendee told sources:

“About halfway through the set, there was a lot of yelling, swearing, and commotion coming from one of the top-tiers up the back…When he realised a fight had broken out, he cracked a joke about their crappy behaviour, before quickly moving on.

The attendee added,

“It was an awesome show and luckily wasn’t ruined by the brawl. Dave Chappelle and the arena staff handled it really well.”

Reportedly, it took 10 mins for security guards to break up the fight. Thankfully Dave Chappelle was able to continue with the rest of his show.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole