Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez Are Trying To Buy New York Mets

Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez Are Trying To Buy New York Mets

Retired Major League Baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, 44, and Jennifer Lopez, 50, are reportedly set to place a substantial bid into purchasing the New York Mets franchise from the Wilpon family. According to reports, the A-listers are currently working with JP Morgan Chase’s co-head of North American media investments, Eric Mendell to take majority their ownership, up to 80% of the team.

“The Wilpon family, which owns the Mets, said in December they were in talks to sell up to 80% of the Major League Baseball team.”

The former MLB star, who grew up a fan of the Mets as a child, has been was said to be locked in on the idea of launching a future bid after local billionaire Steve Cohen was forced to walk away from a $2.6 billion deal to acquire the Wilpons’ 80% of the Mets at the beginning of the year.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez

The Wilpon family, who’ve owned the Mets since 2002, have reportedly refused to surrender control of the team to Cohen’s ownership.

In addition, A. Rod recently spoke openly about his longstanding desires to have ownership inside the Mets in an interview with ‘Tonight Show,’ host Jimmy Fallon. He said:

“I will say this, if the opportunity came up [to buy the Mets], I would certainly look at it.”

A-Rod entertained signing with the Mets as a free agent in 2000. He ultimately signed a record 10-year, $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers. To end his legendary MLB career, A. Rod was then traded to the Yankees, where he won his only World Series championship in 2009.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette