Alex Rodriguez & David Ortiz Playfully Light Up Cigars In Non-Smoking Area

Alex Rodriguez & David Ortiz Playfully Light Up Cigars In Non-Smoking Area 

Former MLB stars, Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz took a moment from filming during the second round of the MLB playoffs between A. Rod’s former team, the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros. In the clip posted by A. Rod., the former baseball stars both share Ortiz’s new cigars in a non-smoking area. A. Rod reveals details the story in his caption,

“So I tried to tell Big Papi we were in a non-smoking building … and he said “I’m not planning on coming back. Smoke ‘em when you got ‘em!”

He continues, congratulating Ortiz on his new cigar line,

“Congrats David Ortiz, your new cigar is definitely. The Slugger is the perfect name, too. Thank you for sharing with me.

I enjoyed it, and I’m not just blowing smoke! Congrats again to you and your team.”

As previously reported, Ortiz was involved in alleged nightclub hit-man shooting in June. The bullet tore through the former MLB star’s gallbladder and liver. In addition, Ortiz underwent an emergency six-hour surgery that is believed to have saved his life. Just four months after his critical injury, Ortiz returned to work on Friday (Oct. 4th), making his on-camera postseason debut as an FOX Sports’ analysts during the MLB playoff coverage.

A. Rod welcomed the future MLB hall of famer with a smile and hug. Ortiz says on his return,

“Thank you for having me, thanks to all the fans who stuck with me, man. All the prayers, everything, it was great. Thank you very much.”

According to reports, Ortiz was in the mixup of mistaken identity by an alleged drug lord, José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián. The alleged dealer wanted to execute a man in connection of his wife’s affair.

Authored by: Gregory Molette