Lizzo Hits The Gym While Showing Off Her Workout Routine [WATCH]


Lizzo Hits The Gym While Showing Off Her Workout Routine [WATCH]

TikTok seems to be the ‘it’ social media app right now with more and more people using its platform each and every day. Recently American singer Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, took to the media-sharing app to show the world a creative video of her fitness routine. In the 15 second clip, fans see Lizzo doing various exercises as her hit song “Tempo” plays in the background.

In addition to being a talented musical artist, Lizzo is known for spreading body positivity for all shapes and sizes. Earlier this year she took to Instagram to show love to her own curves by uploading a bikini picture with the caption “roll model”. 

As positive as the Grammy-award winning artist’s body stance is, not everyone agrees with her message. It was previously reported that celebrity fitness coach Jilian Michaels publically shared her own opinions on Lizzo and her curvy figure. During an interview, she said that celebrating people being plus size is considered glorifying obesity. Instead, Jilian Michaels feels we should be celebrating Lizzo’s music and not her body.

Jilian Michaels never officially apologized for her comments but after receiving lots of backlash she did try to better explain what she meant. 


Following her obesity comments, Lizzo posted a strongly-worded response to her Instagram page directed at her haters. 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel