Justin Timberlake Allegedly Considering ‘Tell-All Interview’ w/ Oprah Winfrey To Speak On Issues w/ Ex Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake Allegedly Considering ‘Tell-All Interview’ w/ Oprah Winfrey To Speak On Issues w/ Ex Britney Spears

It looks like Justin Timberlake may not be so “selfish” about his truth.

According to reports, illustrious singer Justin Timberlake is (allegedly) in talks to have a candid sit-down with media royalty Oprah Winfrey.

Justin Timberlake

The news comes on the heels of the hoopla surrounding Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Selfish,” which he released last month.

If you didn’t know, Timberlake’s controversial ex, pop star Britney Spears, has a hit of the same name that made its way onto the market in 2011.

Following the dropping of the “Suit & Tie” phenomenon’s latest bop, Britney Spears’ fans formed an online hate train, booting the 43-year-old out of the way to make her version #1 on the iTunes charts. The virtual trolling party (seemingly) stems from allegations made by Britney Spears last year.

An insider told an outlet,

“Justin is really not happy how things have gone down. He wanted the music to speak for itself but that’s clearly not happening.”

They went on:

“The idea of a sit-down chat with someone like Oprah Winfrey was floated months ago and is now back on the cards.”

The individual concluded,

“He really doesn’t want to do it, but the louder the backlash gets the more he feels he may have to.”

In her uber-successful memoir titled ‘The Woman in Me,the “Oops!…I Did It Again” icon claims that she had an abortion during her past relationship with Timberlake after he expressed his unhappiness about her pregnancy. The revelation prompted a slew of opinions on the internet, bringing Timberlake under fire.

Additionally, she accuses Timberlake of faking a “Blaccent.”

Britney Spears

Spears reportedly recalls in the book,

“Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives [and] that we were way too young.”

Speaking of the abortion, she adds:

“It was a surprise, but for me, it wasn’t a tragedy. I loved Justin so much. I always expected us to have a family together one day. I don’t know if that was the right decision. If it had been left up to me alone, I never would have done it. And yet Justin was so sure that he didn’t want to be a father.”

Spears and her ‘The All New Mickey Mouse Club’ co-star Timberlake dated from 1999 to 2002.

Justin Timberlake

Recently, Spears took to Instagram to apologize for her statements in ‘The Woman in Me.’ She wrote in a post,

“I wanna apologize for some of the things I wrote about in my book. If I offended any of the people I deeply care about, I am deeply sorry.”

Praising Timberlake’s “Selfish,” Spears furthered,

“I also want to say I am in love with Justin Timberlake’s new song ‘Selfish.’ It is soo good.”

Many suspected that Timberlake indirectly responded amid one of his shows before performing “Cry Me a River.” The song is notoriously known for addressing his failed romance with Spears, who admitted to being unfaithful during their three-year run.

He said at his birthday concert on Wednesday (Jan. 31),

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely f*cking nobody.” 

It wasn’t long before Spears appeared to have reneged on her apology and wrote:

“Someone told me someone was talking sh*t about me on the streets !!! Do you want to bring it to the court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time ??? I’m not sorry !!!”


Sources have alleged that Timberlake is afraid their back-and-forth will “overshadow” his new album, ‘Everything I Thought It Was,’ which is set to debut in March.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell