Amanda Seales Slams White People Using Dark Skin Emojis, Receives Major Backlash

Amanda Seales Slams White People Using Dark Skin Emojis, Receives Major Backlash

Comedian Amanda Seales has always been unapologetically black, and although she joined daytime talk show The Real her stance on black culture has not been altered.  The topic of white people using emojis that are darker than their skin was brought up and Amanda Seales had a lot to say:

“For what it’s worth, they added these skin color emojis, because others were not represented.  So once again, they started off with white folks emojis and then we all had to wait for others to be represented.”

Co-host Adrienne Bailon then corrects Amanda Seales’s remarks by saying ” we started off yellow, not necessarily ‘white folks.'”  Amanda Seales added,

“They had blonde hair, they were yellow and blonde, and the features were also yellow and blonde, if you know what I mean, and uhm, yea they were just caucasious. And so I think that there’s something to be said for, just having… it just always feels icky to me when people feel like they can’t show support, without trying to replace, without trying to appropriate. And that’s just odd to me. I’m so protective of black culture, and of black identity because, we have had such a continual fight to preserve it and get to exist in it without chains. So when I see people dabble in ‘I’m black on group chats, but not in real life,’ like I don’t understand that concept.”

Adrienne Bailon hops in again to say: 

“There were some people who were super offended, and they were even saying that this would be considered like, texting black face”

Amanda then brought Kim Kardashian into the mix, using an example of Kim applying darker shades of makeup, and just calling it “makeup”:

“Absolutely, this is very in the mix of like Kim Kardashian putting on makeup that darkens her skin, and then being like ‘Oh this is just makeup.’  And its like that’s still you altering your appearance.”

Kim Kardashian

Once the video landed on The Real’s IGTV the video garnered more than 4k comments, and Amanda hopped in the comment section to defend her point, telling one person who left a negative comment, that she was just over her head:

She also left a lengthy comment, seemingly saying the viewers in the comments, have a low level of intelligence:

That comment alone revived 471 additions replies.  Some people agreed with her, but most  felt like her comments went too far:

The comedian then went on a lengthy Instagram story rant about the negative comments she was receiving, leading her to correct her comment to “Some of The Real’s viewers, not all” have a low level of intelligence.

Check out the controversial clip below:

What are your thoughts on the use of white people using darker skin emoji’s? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Demi Lobo