‘Married To Medicine’ Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Wants To Date New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: You Can Call Me! 

‘Married To Medicine’ Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Wants To Date New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: You Can Call Me!

Is Married to Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford ready to go from a doctor’s wife to New York’s First Lady? Quad Webb-Lunceford apparently feels equipped for the job, and is shooting her shot at a well-known, eligible bachelor – New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo! Quad Webb-Lunceford’s divorce from psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Lunceford was finalized last fall. Gov. Cuomo and his ex-girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee, broke up around the same time. What a coincidence!

Check out Quad Webb-Lunceford’s latest Instagram post. She says she has her eyes on the Governor’s mansion! Her caption read:

“The people told me today that @nygovcuomo made an announcement to the bachelorettes in New york some time ago stating that he is single and the message has finally made it’s way to Georgia. Love the way he handled himself and shown a great deal of compassion for the people of the great state of New York. If you need a line of credit for more ventilators, test, and mask hit me up let’s work it out! Job well done! #progressive #leadership #thepeopleschamp #livesovermoney #thebesttoeverdoit”

Quad issued this video message to him:

“This is my bid for Governor Cuomo. Let me tell you something- the people told me down to the New York City that you were very, very single. Now it’s interesting enough that I’m single, too. And I’m loving the way you’re running the great state of New York. Your heart is so big, and that’s what I’m most attracted to. I understand you are single, and after the quarantine you’ll be ready to mingle. Well let me just tell you, you can call me. You can.”

Quad hilariously proceeded to rattle off what makes her viable bachelorette for the politician:

“I have good credit, I don’t have any children, and I have my own cointage. And I know you might need the credit, ’cause you might be a little extended. I understand! You’ve done a lot for New York! You’ve bought ventilators, you’ve bought masks, you’ve got extra hospital beds- I mean, you’ve done your thing. So we can use my credit, okay? We got 30 days to pay it off. And I’m not so hard on the eyes either.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a real hit with the ladies. “Girls Trip” stars Jada Pinkett-Smith and Regina Hall admitted they have a thing for New York’s head of state!

Dr. G and Quad went through a nasty divorce, with both exchanging insults and accusations through the media and on their show, Married to Medicine. – as covered in theJasmineBRAND‘s May 2018 EXCLUSIVE.

The former talk show host asked for a protective order from harassment and violence, while the psychiatrist accused his ex of stealing furniture. They were married for six years.

Will Gov. Cuomo be Quad’s next love connection?


Authored by: Miata Shanay