Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson Was Close Friends w/ Minnesota Man Who Died After Being Pinned Down By Police

Stephen Jackson Sr., George Floyd

Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson Was Close Friends w/ Minnesota Man Who Died After Being Pinned Down By Police

Many people were left shocked after a video was shared online of the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. In the video, George Floyd, a black man, is laying face down on the ground while a white policeman appears to suffocate him with his knee that is placed firmly into Mr.Floyd’s neck.

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The Minneapolis Police murdered this brother. ? ? This man, who, like Eric Garner, yelled out over and over and over again that HE COULD NOT BREATHE, was CLEARLY in distress. ? ? He is in handcuffs. ? On his belly. ? ? That already makes it hard for people to breathe. ? ? Then, for minutes and minutes on end, the officer keeps his KNEE on this man's neck – literally choking the life out of him. ? ? The people BEGGED for them to let up. BEGGED. ? ? Not that it would matter, but this man wasn't wanted for a violent crime.? ? A grocery store thought he was signing a bad check. ? ? Yeah, really. A bad fucking check. ? ? Show me the white man that has ever been confronted and killed over this. ? ? People are hurting. People are out of work. ? ? I am so utterly disgusted and heartbroken that we live in a nation, in a time, where this keeps happening over and over again. ? ? Our team @GrassrootsLaw is going to fight for justice here and we won't let up until we get it. ? ? But here's the truth – JUSTICE would be this man this being alive right now. We are tired. We are angry. They are already LYING and saying they noticed he "went into distress." No, YOU PUT HIM IN DISTRESS and KEPT HIM IN DISTRESS. ? ? And this shit has to end. Call the Mayor, Jacob Frey @ (612) 673-2100 and let him know he needs to speedily fire these officers and call the DA @ 612-348-5550. That's Mike Freeman. Let him know he needs to file charges immediately. Follow @GrassrootsLaw.

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Shortly after the video spread Tuesday (May 26th), former professional basketball player Stephen Jackson shared with the world that he knew George Floyd personally and is heartbroken by his death. Stephen Jackson uploaded multiple posts to his Instagram account sharing personal moments with his friend and how he’s been doing since his passing.

In his first post pertaining to George Floyd, the Texas native posted a video and spoke about the officers who are responsible for taking George Floyd’s life :

“Man you know, it’s like – and this gon’ sound f*cked up and I want it to sound f*cked up – I want it to sound f*cked up cause it is f*cked up. You just take my boy life and what we suppose to do? What his family supposed to do? Just move on? Hope you go to jail – hope they punish you for killing my boy? Why we can’t just kill you? That’s the justice we want cause we can’t get nothing back so the cops should die too. Ya’ll just killing people for no reason,”

He continued:

“The only justice is taking y’all life. But they not gon’ do that. They not go give y’all the death penalty. They give people death penalties for other sh*t but they not go give ya’ll the death penalty for killing nobody. Huh? Alright. Bet that.” 

Stephen Jackson also uploaded two photos of George Floyd to his account and gave a little insight into the bond that the men shared. 

“Sh*t hurt twin. Looking Good in the suit I sent u going to work and doing what u was supposed to. Dam Twin I can only imagine what Lamont going through behind them walls. Man man man. #MinnesotaRacistA**Cops”

In the second picture Jackson speaks a little on George Floyd’s personality and how they called each other “twin”.

“All u wanted to do was stay fly and be great. This pic tore me down. Called me with pics of the outfits laid across the bed showing how he was gonna kill them with the clothes I sent him. Boxes in the background. It meant the world to him but meant the world to me how he wanted the world to know that we called each other twin. Nobody was more proud of my growth and my fatherhood more than #BigFloydDaGod. We will get justice. They will be writing a big check for your kids on behalf of Minnesota Police Dept. and u can bet dat Jack. Rest Easy Twin u wasn’t suppose to make it through the life u had change for the better then go out like this. F*k dat.”

In another post about the incident, Jackson posted a screenshot from Shaun king’s twitter account that states all the officers who were involved have been arrested. 

See a couple more tributes Jackson had for Floyd below. 


Prayers for George Floyd’s family and everyone impacted by the tragedy!

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel