Jim Brown’s Controversial Past w/ Domestic Abuse Surfaces Amid His Recent Passing

Jim Brown

Jim Brown’s Controversial Past Of Alleged Domestic Abuse Surfaces Amid His Recent Passing

People everywhere are still mourning the recent passing of NFL legend Jim Brown.

The former athlete transitioned this past Friday (May 19th) at the age of 87 years old. While Jim Brown’s fans and loved ones have been sharing heartfelt messages for the ex football player, some have opted to use the moment to highlight his checkered past.

One of those individuals was TV and film star Yvette Nicole Brown. The 51-year-old actress took to twitter shortly after the news of Brown’s death began to circulate, writing:

“For those deifying #JimBrown, google his name and the Playboy mansion. Trust and know that a monster has died. If he didn’t want folks to speak ill of him when he died, he should’ve been a good man when he was here. Argue with yo’ mama. My work here is done.”

In a series of follow up tweets, the actress shared different articles speaking about the beloved athlete and activist’s prior arrests for allegedly abusing women. One piece written back in 2016 called out media journalists for failing to bring forth all of the alleged transgressions, accusing the media of

“acting like it never happened”.

Another article from 2022 recapped A&E’s docu-series “Secrets Of Playboy”, which tells the story of women abused by A-lister friends of Hugh Hefner, owner of Playboy Bunny. Among the list of notables named as “predators” and abusers, includes Brown, Bill Cosby, and Roman Polanski.

Archival footage in episode 8 of the series, which is titled “Predators’ Ball”, reportedly featured Brown openly discussing his time in the Playboy Mansion. The athlete raved about having “a ball”, stating:

“There were new girls coming in from all over the country, and anything was okay between consenting partners.”

However, eye witness interviews also featured in the project allege Brown routinely abused women, and that all interactions he had were not consensual. Reportedly, one witness stated:

 “[Brown] always abused different Playmates. I observed it. Many people witnessed it,”

The woman reportedly went on, telling the story of when she personally saw Brown abusing one of the women. She stated:

“[he] turned her upside down and held her by the heels — this was right in front of me — and shook her violently, violently, until her bosom fell out of her bra. And then [he] flipped her back up and she’s hanging out. I could see it on her face, and I thought, ‘Oh my God.'”

More stories shared in the series continue to paint a horrifying picture of a man loved by many. In his lifetime, Brown was reportedly arrested more than a half-dozen times, with several accusations of violence against women. Back in 1985, Brown was reportedly charged with rape, sexual battery and assault, which were later dismissed. In 1999, Brown reportedly spent a few months behind bars after smashing the windows on his wife’s car. The report notes he was never convicted of any major crime.

Despite his past, many have come out honoring Brown’s life since his passing. NBA legend Lebron James and actress Meagan Good both posted heartfelt messages to their loved one, with Good writing:

“Jim .. My Godpop .. my mentor .. my bestfriend .. you changed the trajectory of my Life as a young woman. You listened .. saw me when I felt unseen.. you gave a tiny black girl a big voice ..and a unapologetic attitude.. Encouraged me to walk boldly to the beat of my own drum.”


“Thank you for loving me. Thank you and Monique for taking me + my family under your wings. Thank you for being the catalyst for so much of the quality of the woman I am today. I love you in this life and the next- forever. Your Goddaughter Meagan”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson