George Floyd – Minneapolis Police Release Body Cam Video Of His Arrest [WATCH]

George Floyd – Minneapolis Police Release Body Cam Video Of His Arrest [WATCH]

Minneapolis woke up today (May 28th), with many of their local stores burned down, as riots erupted around Minneapolis, following the death of George Floyd.

Late Wednesday night (May 27th), local stores including Dollar Tree, Aldi and Target were vandalized, and looted by hundreds of people in Minneapolis. Protests also broke out in other cities like Los Angeles, where a participant was injured.


As previously reported, members of the community and public figures have been voicing their issue with the tragedy of George Floyd’s death.  Singer Keri Hilson recently tweeted her thoughts on the riots and protests that ensued last night, and she is not judging how anyone decided to show their rage.

Police have now released, bodycam footage from the arrest, which they believe exonerates an officer.  The heavily censored video shows two of the victim’s friends, being arrested as George Floyd is laying on the street.

The bodycam footage also shows a cop speaking to two of George Floyd’s friends, reassuring them that an ambulance was on its way to help George Floyd.

The Minneapolis Park Police force, which is a separate police force from the MPD wants the public, to know they had little no involvement of the incident, saying that while the video displays one of its patrol cars at the scene, its officer had minimal interaction with Floyd, and was not included with the four MPD officers who have been fired.

Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto, says his officer was “118 feet” away from Floyd.

“Based on a review of the body worn camera footage, which is being released to demonstrate the vantage point of the Park Police officer, the Park Police officer was not in a location to witness or intervene in the MPD incident,’ Chief Ohotto said Wednesday.”

See the footage below.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo