Octavia Spencer Admits Lying About Her Age As She Turns 50

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer Admits Lying About Her Age As She Turns 50

Academy Award-winning actress, Octavia Spencer, has opened up about her real age, after claiming to be 48. Conflicting reports online show two years for the actress’s birthday: May 25, 1972, and May 25, 1970.  Now, she’s revealing the truth.

Octavia Spencer

In a video posted to Instagram, Octavia Spencer addresses her fans on her birthday.

She says,

“Hey y’all!  I’m sitting out here in the backyard drinking some sangria, eating some potato chips, listening to Ronnie Milsap. Celebrating my birthday.  The big, 5-0,”

The actress says with a bit of discontented look on her face.  She continues through a sigh, saying,

“Uhh, yeah I know.  I’ve been saying I’m 48, but the internet will always win,”

As she chuckles.  Octavia Spencer continued on,

“People putting dates and numbers, ‘I thought we went to school together.  I’m 50, how are you 48?’ Cause I wanna be. And then all that seems so trivial now.  I’m grateful to be turning 50, especially right now, when we’ve lost so many.  We’ve lost so many.  Remember this time last year, we talked about deferring your joy?  Now, if you did not look for the joy between May 24th this time last year until now, let that sink in.”

The Golden-Globe winner concluded,

“The good Lord has a way of making us prioritize things and I think that’s what this crazy pandemic is doing.  Figure out what’s important to us.  Who.  I know y’all are feeling a certain kinda way, ’cause I’m feeling a certain kinda way.  But since it’s my birthday I’m not feeling the way I normally feel, where I need some laughter.” 

She added that she’s simply staying thankful and encouraged her fans and followers to do the same.

Feeling very grateful, and since it’s the day of remembrance, remembering our veterans, I’m grateful to them.  I’m so grateful to those  waging this new war.  Making it possible for me to be here, sitting home.  So, umm, happy birthday Gemini.  You gotta look for the light.  In these dark times, you gotta look for the light. And right now for me, that light is my friends and my family, and this weird little squirrel.  It just brings me so much joy.  Umm, it’s crazy.  All of God’s beautiful creatures and, um, it’s bringing me joy.  Hit me down there in the comments.  Let me know what’s bringing you joy.  And if you can’t find the joy, I’m sending you some right now. You gotta be the light.  Happy birthday.”

Fortunately for her, fans and celebs only wished her a happy birthday and didn’t seem to mind her lying about her age.



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Authored by: Robin Ayers