Mark Wahlberg’s Racist Past Resurfaces After He Supports #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s Racist Past Resurfaces After He Supports #BlackLivesMatter Movement

An incident from Transformers actor Mark Wahlberg‘s past has come back to haunt him. Amid the widespread media coverage of protests for the murder of George Floyd, the 49-year-old took to social media to declare his stance on racial tensions in the country. Mark Wahlberg wrote:

“The murder of George Floyd is heartbreaking. We must all work together to fix this problem. I’m praying for all of us. God bless. #blacklivesmatter

One of the more prominent comments in the comment section of Mark’s posts raised eyebrows to those unaware of the actor’s past racially-charged incidents:

“Shame on you. After what youve done??? Youre posting this”

Twitter users proceeded to uncover receipts of Mark Wahlberg’s involvement in attacks on different racial groups in the 1980s as a teenager. One wrote,

“If you still don’t know what white privilege is, Mark Wahlberg committed hate crimes, has a Wikipedia section dedicated to it, and we never talk about it.”

Another clearly spelled out what happened for the public.

“Mark Wahlberg hurled rocks at black children while screaming “Kill the n*****s!” He beat a Vietnamese man unconscious and was charged for attempted murder. He’s committed at least 5 hate crimes. He only apologized while seeking a pardon 26 years later.”

During his request for a pardon, one of his alleged victims says she wanted the specific phrasing of “hate crime” to remain on his record.

He addressed his past on “The Today Show” in 2014:

“When I woke up in prison, realized the mistakes that I’d made, and the pain that I had caused people. I committed to turning my life around…People have said, basically, because of my celebrity and my success that I’m waving that magic wand. It’s not about that…I’m not proud of what I’ve done. I’m just committed to making sure that I pay for my mistakes, and I help kids avoid making those mistakes.”

Take a look at social media’s commentary on Mark Wahlberg’s Black Lives Matter post below.


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Authored by: Miata Shanay