Justin Bieber Speaks Out After Accusations Of Rape & Sexual Assault

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Speaks Out After Accusations Of Rape & Sexual Assault

Update #2. Justin Bieber has responded to the allegations on Twitter, denying that he sexually assaulted or raped the women. He also tweeted various documents including his whereabouts on the the dates that the women allege that the incidents occurred.

Original Story: Justin Bieber is being accused of rape and sexual assault by two women. The 26-year-old artist is a Canadian singer who rose to fame at 13, after being discovered on youtube by Scooter Braun in 2007.

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Today, the record breaking singer songwriter is married to Hailey Baldwin, 23. The pair married in 2018.

Over the weekend, two women made allegations on Twitter. The first woman states that her name is Danielle, but she does not want to reveal her last name and wants to remain anonymous. She claims that the incident happened when she was 21 and Justin Bieber was 20. She says he raped her in Texas, 2014.

She starts off by explaining how it all started, after hearing about a Scooter Braun event at the Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden in Texas. She writes:

On March 9, 2014 I was sexually assaulted by Justin Bieber. Justin was with his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, for a concert in houston, texas… Later that night, Justin Bieber surprised the audience with about 100 people at the bar and performed a few songs. A man then approached me and asked us if we would like to wait until after the show to meet Justin. Of Course we said yes. MY friends and i thought it was strange at first and sketchy but as promised we all waited after the show because we were fans.

She continues on to detail what allegedly took place after meeting Justin backstage:

Justin came up to us, we took some pictures and chatted for about 20 minutes. Justin and some other man, who appeared to be his friend, invited us over to the Four Seasons Hotel. Once again, we said yes… Fast forward to arriving at the hotel. Justin’s friend took my 2 friends to a room. Justin had made me agree to not say anything to anyone, or I can get in serious legal trouble. He asked for my phone and put it to charge. I guess it was an excuse to take it away from me. He then asked me to join him in bed

Danielle goes on to explain her thought process shifted from asking “how in the world is this normal” to beginning to think this is “suspicious”. She details her making an attempt to make conversation with Bieber, inquiring about the location of his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez and it was deflected. She writes:

I kept asking questions to add to our conversation, but he then leaned in to kiss me… I figured it was a sign to make me shut up, so I kissed him back…

She says her and the star made out for about 10 minutes before things allegedly took a turn for the worst:

… I told him this was going too far and we should stop because I needed to find my friends… That’s when he told me “relax, they’re all okay”. He then pulled my underwear down , unbuckled his pants, pulled his underwear down, grabbed the bed covers and threw it over us…I was very uncomfortable and I felt myself start to hyperventilate.

Danielle says she told him to get off because she was starting to worry about her friends but it was too late. She says her body felt “unconscious”.

See her full statement below:

The second woman, Kadi, alleges Bieber tried to rape her in a bathroom in New york in May 2015. She says she went to meet and possibly get her picture taken with the star while he was in New York, May 4, 2015. She states that after waiting “in the evening till early morning” the next day (May 5), she met Mikey, who she says is Justin’s bodyguard outside of the hotel and he gave her his number.

Later in the night,”around 2:30 am”, Kadi says she was invited by Mikey Arana to Bieber’s room at the Langham Hotel and states

“There were 5 girls there including myself”.

Kadi goes on to say she introduced herself and was socializing with everyone but when she was having a conversation with the star he claimed he couldn’t hear her because she was standing a little far, and asked her to come closer. After this moment, she goes into their alleged encounter where she says Justin follows her into the restroom and tries to force himself on her. Kadi writes:

I started getting closer and he grabbed my hand and dragged/pulled me over to him. He was sitting on the couch so I fell on his chest. I started getting up and when we locked eyes he kissed me and touched my butt while asking if it was real. I said yes and stopped his hands there and got up. I went to the restroom he came in behind following me to the restroom and locked the door which was on the left of the bedroom.

Kadi continues to detail the assault and how she got away:

He started kissing me, touching my body, and caressing me. I asked him to stop and continued to say I cannot have sex until marriage (traditional and cultural thing). So Bieber started pushing me to the bed and have his body against mine. He pinned me down pulled my leggings down and his shorts and penetrated me… it aggravated me and I pushed him and kicked him between his legs and ran out to the living room.

Both women end their statements, with instances in which they both told someone about what happened to them. Danielle says she “finally” told her close friends and family while Kadi told her sister who told her not to say anything or she’ll

“ruin her family’s honor and never be married”.

See her full statement below:

According to reports, Justin Bieber’s rep, Allison Kaye, denied Danielle’s allegations. The rep has not yet addressed allegations from Kadi.

After the allegations began to circulate online, he began trending on social media. See some reactions below.

Written By Janiah Taylor

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta