Ms. Robbie, Star Of OWN’s “Welcome To Sweetie Pies”, Claims Son Tim Norman’s Ex Won’t Allow Her To See Grandson [VIDEO]

 Ms. Robbie, Star Of OWN’s “Welcome To Sweetie Pies”, Claims Son Tim Norman’s Ex Won’t Allow Her To See Grandson [VIDEO]

Ms. Robbie Montgomery, star of OWN’s canceled reality show “Welcome To Sweetie Pies,” is going public with claims that she isn’t allowed to see her grandson Timmy.  Ms. Robbie’s son, Tim Norman, and his ex, Jenae Wallick, broke things off a while ago, but it seems as though problems have only recently arisen between them.

Ms. Robbie posted a photo on Instagram June 22, wishing her grandson a happy birthday.  The caption stated,

Happy Birthday Timmy ! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you

Social media quickly caught onto her statement of allegedly not being able to see Timmy and they offered opinions.  One user stated,

Aww, Janae or Corona, whichever, stop this foolishness.  God is not pleased and neither of you are bigger than him, love…HBD Timmy

Ms. Robbie uploaded a three-part video, initially responding to her fans suggesting that she has rights to see her grandson.  In part 1, she says:

“Yes, you all are right, grandparents do have rights.  And I’m gonna make sure I get mine. I’m a fighter, not a quitter.  And I’ll go all the way. Thank you for your support.  We wish Timmy a lil’ happy birthday, we still love him, regardless. Bye, bye.”

After that video was posted, it appears that Tim Norman’s ex-girlfriend, Jenae Wallick began posting messages and answering fan questions on her Instagram telling her side of the story.

Ms. Robbie quickly responded against accusations that her son Tim is not running her social media accounts. She also took a jab at Jenae stating,

“Tim ain’t even thinking about her.  That’s the problem.”

Ms. Robbie continued claims with yet, another post, accusing Jenae of withholding her grandson because of money.  In part, she stated,

“It’s all about money, and I know I’ve spent a lot on TJ, so if it ain’t about money, what is it about?  Every mother wants their child to be with their father, so what’s the problem?”

Jenae posted a slew of claims alleging that her ex-boyfriend, Tim has been abusive in the past and that he hasn’t spent time with his son over the past four years.  She also claims that she and Ms. Robbie had a good relationship until recently, citing Tim as the issue.  (see messages below)

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Authored by: Robin Ayers