Meek Mill’s Girlfriend Milan Harris Shows Off Post Baby Body, Says She Gained 42 Pounds During Pregnancy

Meek Mill’s Girlfriend Milan Harris Shows Off Post Baby Body, Says She Gained 42 Pounds During Pregnancy

Milan Harris, girlfriend to rapper Meek Mill, is showing off her mom body!

In an update on Instagram, she posted a photo of her holding her newborn, with a snatched waist and the caption,

“Mom body…16lbs down”

She then tossed the question to her fellow moms, asking how much weight they gained during pregnancy, revealing that she gained 42 pounds.

“How much weight did you gain during pregnancy? I gained 42lbs, I was 202 when I delivered and 160 pregnancy.”

In the post, she also announces the launch of her new page, for women on their motherhood journey.

“Ps: from the side angle my stomach is bigger lol. It just looks flatter from the front??
If you’re pregnant or have kids follow @mamanaireclub it’s a new page I started for our motherhood journey?”


Meek Mill and his Milan Harris, welcomed their first child together on his birthday, May 6th.

“Milano dropped me off a king on my birthday! #thebestgift.”

Meek recently, celebrated his Queen on Instagram for her first Mother’s Day,

Milan Harris even trolled fans, that the two were getting married.

Meek Mill, Milan Harris

On Milan Harris’s Instagram story, she copied and pasted a statement that was made to look like she and MeekMill got engaged. The statement said,

“Okay! Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people & people have been reaching out to my mother in law in regards to this… I decided to address this issue. First of all I am not hiding my relationship. I didn’t think it was anyone’s business. Plus I like my privacy and also to protect the wellbeing of my fiance. YES we did send out wedding invitations to close family and friends last week. Yes we are getting married in December 2020. It happened unexpectedly but I am very happy about it. I cannot wait to be one with my love. “

The plot twist came at the end of the post,

“I borrowed this post from a friend just to get your attention to remind you to wash your hands and your a**. Also, avoid touching your face. Keep safe everyone!”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo