Hazel E, Shanda Denyce & Their Men Have Heated Exchange Over Physical Fight On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

De’Von Burton, Hazel E, Shanda Denyce, Willie Taylor

Hazel E, Shanda Denyce & Their Men Have Heated Exchange Over Physical Fight On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Hazel E and Shanda Denyce’s feud resurfaced on social media as a clip of this week’s episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars was released. In the short clip, there’s a cliffhanger that alludes to a fight between the ladies’ significant others, De’Von Waller and Willie Taylor. The Instagram war of words began when Hazel-E posted the clip from the reality show and wrote in the caption,

“Have you guys tuned into my hot sheet? Head over to WeTv.com to get the full run down! And don’t miss this weeks episode of @marriagebootcamp_wetv on THURSDAY 9/8c. It’s kinda like when yo girl writes a check yo a$$ can’t cash vibes love you bae @devonwallerofficial#AvasParents”


Willie Taylor didn’t take very well to Hazel’s post and commented,

Hazel-E saw Willie Taylor’s response and decided to defend her post,


Hazel and Willie got into a back and forth about what happened during the confrontation,

Hazel’s fiance De’Von Waller also joined in on the conversation,

De’Von also took to his Instagram to tell his side of the story,

Shanda Denyce saw Devon’s post and responded,

Shanda also made an instagram post directly addressing Hazel,

“Look, I’m not with the phony s**t nor am I for the Internet tuff s**t, Hazel thought we were decent but here u go with the extra s**t as always. I know for facts u don’t want no smoke. So just stop all ur internet s**t for ”clout” STOP cause I don’t like to talk much @hazelebaby. I’m busy as f**k over here but I will make time….. I’m too old for this bs”

Last year, it was reported that the confrontation between Shanda, Hazel, Willie, and Devon occurred while the show was still filming. According to reports, Shanda confronted Hazel for a post she made against dark-skinned girls back in 2017, calling out Shanda and a handful of their other “Love & Hip Hop; Hollywood” co-stars in her post. The ladies had been going back and forth with Hazel on the show, and she took issue with them accusing her of getting plastic surgery, among other things.

Things allegedly got ugly when Shanda addressed Hazel about it in person. They started fighting and even ripped drapes on the set of the show. It didn’t take long for Hazel E’s fiance, Devon Waller, and Shanda’s husband, Willie Taylor to step in.

It got even worse after that as the couples allegedly cracked a marble table and broke several chairs. Production even had to be shut down momentarily while producers met with each other for an emergency meeting.

Devon Burton, Hazel E, Shanda Denyce, Willie Taylor

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla