Raven Symone Urges Voters ‘Don’t Get Swallowed By The Foolishness, Inform Yourself!’

Raven Symone

Raven Symone Urges Voters ‘Don’t Get Swallowed By The Foolishness, Inform Yourself!’

Raven Symone had a few things to get off her chest about the presidential race.

In a note posted on Instagram earlier this week, Raven Symone made a plea to the public.

“Please don’t repeat history. I know the president is entertaining and a trainwreck worth watching. However this is important to remember, this is a country screaming for help, not a reality show looking for ratings. Don’t get swallowed by the ridiculousness! Inform yourself, do your own research and choose a candidate that has respect for themselves and all of us.”

Raven Symone continued expressing her views on this election in a lengthy caption, pointing out that candidates aren’t gonna appeal to everyone. She started with,

“@joebiden your immigration plan healthcare plan, police reform plan,and belief in our country and what we should stand for is NEEDED! #stayinformed #entertainmentcantrunacountry. No one candidate is going to appease EVERYONE. It’s about finding someone with a soul, with empathy, with a mind that stands for the betterment of all, knowing that compromise on both sides will be needed.”

Raven continued,

“As a country and a people we only get to pick from two mind sets, so of course their will be conflict. So before you bark at me, look at the process and how it’s set up. Right NOW we have to choose between @joebiden and a man that takes full responsibility for the success of COVID-19 and all his other hallmarks of the last 4 years.”

She ended with stating,

“Idk I’m voting for someone who sees the unrest and wants to fix it instead of sweeping it under the rug.”

The actress has since deleted the post.

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