Justin Bieber Visited Kanye West In Wyoming To Convince Him To Stop Avoiding Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber Reportedly Visited Kanye West In Wyoming To Convince Him To Stop Avoiding Kim Kardashian

While undergoing a series of mental meltdowns, Kanye West continues to receive support from famous friends close to him.

Last Friday (July 24), Kanye West received a visit from longtime friend, Justin Bieber along with his wife Hailey Bieber. The couple flew to Cody, Wyoming, to visit the rapper, who suffers from bipolar disorder. The 43-year-old rapper had been the subject of major headlines after his emotional outbursts during his campaign rally followed by a Twitter rant, revealing personal information about himself and Kim Kardashian.

Because he has been through a similar ordeal (mental health), a source alleged that Justin Bieber simply wants to show support to Kanye West, during this time.

“Justin struggled for so long himself before he got proper help. [He] wants to be supportive [of Kanye].”

The source continued:

“Justin knows that Kanye has been making new music [in Cody] and appreciates how much pressure it is to produce new music.”

West uploaded of picture of the two talking in what appears to be a garage.

It has also been reported that Bieber is very sympathetic to West’s drama with his wife of 6 years, Kim Kardashian, who is currently in Los Angeles with their four children (North West 7, Saint West 4 1/2, Chicago West 2 1/2, and Pslam West 14 months).

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West and their kids

The source continued:

“Kanye ghosted Kim. She tried to reach him for days, but he wouldn’t answer calls and he wouldn’t answer texts.”

Although he publicly apologized to Kim Kardashian for airing their business on social media, the source says that rapper still did not want to face Kim.

“Kanye didn’t want to face Kim. He doesn’t mind having a public spectacle but he avoids conflict when he’s like this. He knows he disappointed her and that kills him.”

Because of this, during his visit, Bieber intervened by encouraging West to reach out to Kim to talk.

The sourced added:

[Bieber] told Kanye that he needed to talk to Kim. And Kanye finally texted Kim and they talked on the phone.”

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Three days later (July 27), West and Kim reunited with an emotional conversation captured by news outlets.

The source tells reports that,

“[Kim] had a lot to say to him. She loves him, but she knows that it’s not healthy for her to be around him now, and it’s honestly not healthy for the kids. He needs to get his stuff together before he can be any sort of partner or father.”

As far as Bieber is concerned, the “SORRY” singer simply wants to make sure that West is okay because “that’s what friends are for.”

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Authored by: Cierra Jones