Keke Palmer Will Voice A 14-Year-Old Activist On ‘The Proud Family’ Reboot: Dream Come True!

Keke Palmer Will Voice A 14-Year-Old Activist On ‘The Proud Family’ Reboot: Dream Come True!

After years of a rumored reboot happening, The Proud Family cartoon is finally coming back with the characters we all love and some new ones as well! American actress and TV personality Keke Palmer recently shared that she will be voicing one of the new animated characters that will appear on The Proud Family reboot. The original series ran from Sept. 15, 2001, to Aug. 19, 2005.

On August 6th, the 26-year-old entertainer took to Instagram to share the good news. She uploaded an image of her character, Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, who is a 14-year-old activist and said 

“There’s a new girl coming to town! Prepare to fall in love with 14-year-old activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, voiced by ME!!! #TheProudFamily: Louder and Prouder, coming soon to @disneyplus”

Keke Palmer also responded to Disney+ announcing the news on twitter and said it’s her dream come true. 

Playing a young activist won’t be too far off from her real life. As previously reported, Keke Palmer made headlines this past June for telling National Gaurd Soldiers to march with her during a protest that took place following the wrongful death of  George Floyd

Recently Keke  Palmer took the time to shut down speculation that her activism is the reason her talk show Strahan, Sara & Keke was canceled. She wrote,

“I want to speak on this simply because I hate the narrative that if you speak your mind as a black person that you will in some way be punished. I have seen this going around and at first I ignored but in this climate I realized this is a dangerous message to send to our generation and the generation coming up. If anything my speaking out showed the corporations I work with how important my voice is and anyone that has a POV.”

Keke continued:

“The reality is I was never signed to “SSK” as one would a seasonal show. This business is dynamic and instead of thinking of me as a “series regular” see me see me as a brand that works with the corporation Disney/ABC News and this particular show I was on is no longer. That does not mean the relationship I have with them dies, that means it evolves.

She added:

“I hate talking about business because it can seem a bit weird and gets quite technical lol. But when I see such fear mongering comments I want to speak out so that no one ever feels or thinks that speaking out will cost them their job! I’m sure it can and has before, but let’s also recognize when it has not. That way more of us with our own minds speak out against any injustices we see. Trust me, walking in my truth has always made my blessings OVERFLOW and connect to those that are like minded and not with those that are not. Do not believe this lie. Stay courageous and stay true because GOD HAS YOU ALWAYS”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel