Trey Songz Says He Has ‘Never Met’ Sarunas J. Jackson Amid ‘Insecure’ Actor Claiming Singer Tried To Fight A Woman

Trey Songz Says He Has ‘Never Met’ Sarunas J. Jackson Amid ‘Insecure’ Actor Claiming Singer Tried To Fight A Woman

It looks like Trey Songz is defending his reputation once again!

Former Insecure star Sarunas J. Jackson made headlines this week after claiming Trey Songz “wants to fight women” but was scared to confront the actor when given the opportunity. However, sources close to the “Slow Motion” singer say he doesn’t know Jackson and that the actor is using the musician’s name for clout.  According to Radar Online, an insider had this to say:

“Trey Songz has never met Sarunas J. Jackson”

They claim the HBO star’s accusations are

“yet another example of fame-hungry individuals attempting to use Trey’s name for their own benefit.”

sarunas j. jackson

As previously reported, Sarunas J. Jackson had the internet buzzing when a video began circulating  of him bashing Trey Songz’s character amid his mounting assault claims. During his appearance on the Guys Next Door podcast, the “Games People Play” actor responded to co-host Mouse Jones’ comment about entertainers. Jackson called Trey a “b**h a** n**a” and alleged he’s seen the him “try to press women.” Jones said:

“There’s more actors in the music business than in the acting business.”

Jackson replied:

“I love that, that’s actually really good. It’s the truth,”

He continued:

“…and like some of them be doing crazy s*** by, like I said, I had some run-ins. And they do that thing where they were trying to sell this tough guy scene like this one…Trey, Trey Songz. B**** a** n****. Try to press women you know, I’m saying but then would turn down a fade when a n**** came up to him for the fade turned it down.”


He explained:

“I’m not cool with n****s like that. I’ll try to knock the n**** out, keep running, but like it just, he wants to fight women and stuff like that. And that that to me, I can’t operate like that. Because you get so many of those, and especially once they there, it’s like unfortunate, because it’s like, ‘d*** n***, I’m a fan of this s***.’”

Trey Songz

Multiple women have accused Trey Songz of sexual assault. He is currently facing 3 lawsuits that involve incidents dating back to 2016.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole