Jaheim: Trump Has Saved A Lot Of People, If It Wasn’t For Him You Guys Would’ve Been Done!

Jaheim, Donald Trump

Jaheim: Trump Has Saved A Lot Of People, If It Wasn’t For Him You Guys Would’ve Been Done!

Singer Jaheim has unapologetically expressed his support for President Donald Trump’s reelection.

In a video shared on Instagram Saturday (Aug. 22nd), the “Just In Case” singer is seen rocking a headwrap as he salutes Donald Trump.

“Trump has saved a lot of people, man. Face it, it is what it is. I don’t give a d*** who gon’ like it. Do your homework, cause I’m gonna post some more stuff. I’m gonna wake y’all up. If it wasn’t for Trump taking the stance he’s taken, you guys would’ve been done, finished, finito.”

He then showed love to Flint, Mich., who suffered a tragic water crisis.

“Flint, Michigan, you already know I’m with y’all man. Love y’all, and we gon’ heal that nation over there. Peace.”

He wrote in the lengthy caption,

“I’m used to the masses controlling these platforms, I’m used to you all throwing shade on me, called crackhead, uber driver etc. I can careless what you think of me because I have a real life, I am a force of the Most High Universal Creator.”

He also issued an apology to Donald Trump:

“I just wanna apologize to @realdonaldtrump for all the misinformation since he’s been in office we the people have turned our backs on this great man who been working effortlessly to restore the balance for the Republic and didn’t even take a pay check.”

He ended with,

“We all allowed the Democrats to lie countless times but seeing is BELIEVING. You all are so far gone you can’t see maybe it’s the same water they been poisoning Flint with because we all followed wrong side for years it time to wakeup”


He went on to share a video of President Barack Obama, calling him a wolf “in sheep’s clothing”, a “fraud” and a “puppet.”


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