Tim Norman Believed His Nephew Andre Montgomery Stole $200K From Ms. Robbie Ahead Of Murder Plot

Tim Norman Believed His Nephew Andre Montgomery Stole $200K From Ms. Robbie Ahead Of Murder Plot

New details are surfacing about the alleged plot-to-kill case against OWN TV star Tim Norman and what could have been an alleged motive.

Detective Donald Thurmond, a St. Louis police detective gave testimony in a virtual bail hearing for Terica Ellis, 36, one of the three suspects in this case.

Tim Norman was arrested and charged for allegedly hiring someone to kill his nephew, Andrew Montgomery, in hopes of getting $450,000 in life insurance money.

According to new testimony from Detective Thurmond, Andre Montgomery was a suspect in a $200,000 cash theft from the house of his grandmother, Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s Robbie Montgomery.  The detective testified that Terica Ellis told investigators that she knew the theft made Tim Norman’s “boys” want to “run up on” his nephew Andre Montgomery.

The detective further testified that Tim Norman allegedly offered Ellis $10,000 to “secure the location” of his nephew that night he was killed.

Reportedly, Detective Thurmond testified that the night of the shooting, Andre came outside of a building on Natural Bridge Avenue near Fairground Park to meet Ellis, who had texted him and bought him a pair of pants. The detective said investigators believe a “third party” then shot Andre, according to prosecutors who confirmed the testimony.

Ellis allegedly left the area after the shooting and went back to Memphis where she allegedly deposited $9,000 into several different bank accounts.

Terica Ellis Mugshot

As previously reported earlier this month, when journalist April Simpson reached out to Ms. Robbie Montgomery to send her love, the restaurant founder replied,

“Thanks For The Prayers, But At This Time I’m Weak And Can’t Make A Statement. Please Keep Praying For Me And My Son”.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers