Asian Doll Lashes Out At Wendy Williams “You Buy Drugs From Criminals”, Later Deletes Post


Rapper Asian Doll Reacts To Wendy Williams’ Comments About Her Recent Tweet: ‘Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know Me’

Rapper Asian Doll is not here for the criticism regarding a tweet she posted this week that mentioned one of her requirements to date her. In the tweet, Asian Doll (who is also known as Asian Da Brat) said:

Please have at least 3 body’s before you talk to me Boy I like killers

Since then, the Dallas, Texas native has caught some heat as a result of her very vocal explanation of her dating requirements. Talk show host Wendy Williams mentioned the tweet and some of the backlash on a recent episode of “The Wendy Williams Show.” Before making her comments, Wendy Williams asked who was familiar with Asian Doll and then went on to explain that the 23-year-old was being made fun of because of the tweet. She said:

We have to feel bad for her. She feels nothing better about herself. Do you understand what I’m saying? She feels nothing better about herself, everybody relax.

Wendy Williams goes on to read the tweet, chuckled in what appeared to be disbelief, and then said:

She meant it. I feel like, you know, she doesn’t understand her worth….We saw it on her feed. So it’s not like we’re just picking it up from a magazine or something like that. That was on her feed. She calls herself the Project Princess.

Wendy then went on to joke a bit with one of the show’s employees, Dan, saying:

Look, look, Dan, I’m not talkin’ to you unless you have three bodies.

Dan responded:

I don’t have the teardrop tattoos.

Asian Doll, however, did not seem too amused and in a now-deleted Instagram post, she called Wendy out for allegedly pretending to not be familiar with her. She said:

It’s the loud clap for me but even tho your doing your job don’t act like you don’t know me when you was on that FaceTime call coked up looking slow lol but you look clean & we’ll put together now Thanks for the TV promo My granny watch your show so I won’t disrespect you but look in the mirror honey you buy your drugs from criminals so what do that make you ? Oh okay

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz