Pharrell Williams Says Rihanna Is ‘From A Different World’ On New Album

Pharrell Williams Says Rihanna Is ‘From A Different World’ On New Album

Could we be getting close to the release of Rihanna’s ninth studio album?

While fans have been waiting for quite some time since the release, Rihanna hasn’t confirmed when it will drop. But now Pharrell Williams has given fans more of what they can expect from R9. 

Rihanna and Pharrell Williams first teased on Instagram that The Neptunes were working on the highly-anticipated project earlier this year.

Now, Pharrell Williams is giving a little more information. He told Allure: 

“Rih is in a different place right now. Like, wow. She’s from a different world.”

He added that the said world might be Venus.

“I’m willing to bet, because Venus is gaseous, that if they had a telescope that could zoom through all that s—, you’d see Rih laying there naked.”

He continued and spoke on how he makes music and said:

“There’s more than one way inside the house. It’s not just the front door. The side doors, windows, patios. There [are] so many ways, so I don’t know that we have the time to really unpack that.”

“I will say that no matter the scenario, when it comes to music for me, there’s always a trigger. It’s just a word in the conversation or a notion, or seeing a situation, or watching a movie. It all depends. And once you find that trigger, it becomes a rabbit hole and then you just kind of go down that. The rest of it is figuring out what the groove is going to be.”

Fans are certainly ready to see what the groove will be for Rihanna’s new project. Earlier this month, she was reportedly seen shooting a music video.

A photographer captured the modelesque singer as she re-entered the Nomad Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles following what was said to be an 11-hour music video shoot the previous day. The Savage X Fenty designer was seen donning a brown fur coat, relaxed hair in a bun and a black mask as she walked back to the scene of the alleged video location.

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Authored by: Char Patterson