NBA Youbgboy Welcomes 6th Child With Drea Symone, As He Awaits Child #7 With Yaya Mayweather

NBA Youbgboy Welcomes 6th Child With Drea Symone, As He Awaits Child #7 With Yaya Mayweather

Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy,21, real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, just became a father of 6, with one on the way!

Model Drea Symone just gave birth to her second daughter on Thanksgiving and NBA Youngboy is reportedly the father.

Drea Symone, NBA Youngboy Baby Momma

She took so Instagram posting the first photos of he baby named, Kodi Capri, in the caption, she wrote:

“November 26th 2020, on Thanksgiving Day, I was given a 7.5lb reason to become more thankful. I’ve been caught up cherishing the days after… it’s safe to say my heart is completely full!! Kodi Capri”


Although Drea Symone doesn’t ever mention NBA Yonngboy on her page, she has posted pictures during her pregnancy and in July she uploaded a video of her gender reveal.

While NBA Youngboy reportedly just had his 6th child, his 7th is due any day now, as he prepares for Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter, YaYa Mayweather to deliver her baby as well.

Yaya Mayweather who recently celebrated her baby shower last month, is expected to become a first time mom, at some time this month.

According to reports, NBA YoungBoy had his first child with a young woman named Nisha in 2016, the former couple had their second child together in 2019.

Nisha, NBA Baby Momma

The rapper reportedly has a child named, Taylin, by a woman named, Niaa, and another child named Kacey with a woman named, Jania Meshell (below.)

Jania Meshell

Janie Meshell and NBA Youngboy had some legal drama stemming from an incident in 2018 that was caught on surveillance.

NBA YoungBoy allegedly threw Jania to the floor in the hallway of a hotel in Georgia and allegedly refused to let her leave.

While she claimed via social media that they were just joking around, he was later charged for aggravated assault and kidnapping.

A major turning point in the case came when Jania refused to take the stand and testify against him.

Meanwhile, he was just released from jail in August amid accusations he violated his probation from a shooting (from three years ago) where he and his team were allegedly the targets. According to the judge, the violation consisted of NBA YoungBoy

“talking trash and smack on social media.”

In 2018, the rapper found out that his youngest son Kamron Gaulden by a different baby momma, Starr Dejanee was not biologically his. YoungBoy revealed in a post on Facebook:

“Wanna Be First To Tell Yall I Officially Found Out Baby K Isn’t My Child, But The Man I Am I’m Going To Keep Raising Him Like He’s Mine I Cant Lie It Hurt To Find Out The Truth But Life Goes On.”

NBA YoungBoy went on to have a second child with Starr, Dejanee, named Kamiri Gaulden, who is his biological child.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo