NBA Youngboy — Teen Murder Suspect w/ Connection To Rapper Indicted By Grand Jury

Davaughn Tate, NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy — Teen Murder Suspect w/ Connection To Rapper Indicted By Grand Jury

A teenager who was said to be  NBA Youngboy’s younger brother has officially been indicted by a grand jury.

WBRZ has reported that a grand jury decided to indict Davaughn Tate regarding the December 2019 homicide of Javon Brown, 17.

Prosecutors have accused Davaughn Tate of gunning down Javon Brown as the victim was walking home from Belaire High School in East Baton Rouge, La. The outcome for NBA Youngboy’s half brother, Jeffrey Tate, along with another suspect Kevin Anderson is still pending. Kevin Anderson is alleged to have been injured with the bullet that took Javon Brown’s life. They’re facing second-degree murder charges.

NBA YoungBoy, Jeffrey Tate, Davaughn Tate

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tate wants the court to give him permission to relocate to California with NBA Youngboy.

While reports said Davaughn Tate is also NBA Youngboy’s brother, WBRZ said the two aren’t related. However, Davaughn Tate and Jeffrey Tate are said to be half brothers.

Davaughn and Jeffrey Tate were 16 and 18 respectively when they turned themselves in the for the murder.

NBA Youngboy has stayed quiet about it on social media. His own legal woes have made headlines as kidnapping and assault charges against the rapper were dropped in December. He avoided jail time but will be on probation for a month, and will have to pay a $1,500 fine. He was also ordered to enroll in anger management classes, and can’t have any violent contact with the victim, his now ex-girlfriend Jania. 

NBA Youngboy was charged after surveillance showed him allegedly throwing Jania on the floor of an Atlanta hotel and holding her hostage.

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Authored by: Char Patterson