T.I. Says Kevin Samuels Is Being Bullied: Ya’ll Ganging Up On A Dead Man, I Can’t Stand It

T.I., Kevin Samuels

T.I. Says Kevin Samuels Is Being Bullied: Ya’ll Ganging Up On A Dead Man, I Can’t Stand It

Atlanta rap vet T.I. isn’t here for the posthumous Kevin Samuels slandering.

The rapper went on live to defend relationship influencer Kevin Samuels, days after the Youtuber’s sudden death was announced. During the live session, The Family Hustle star T.I. went to back for his fellow Atlanta entertainer, beginning the conversation with:

“We all choked up and grieving the loss of our brother, guru Kevin Samuels….Although I did follow his philosophy, I didn’t agree with it all…But I recognize the truth and honesty, and need for the truth being spoken.”

He continued:

“And I see that it’s so much hate.”


T.I. continued the live, steadily showing support for the late Life Coach as he transitioned from the airport to his vehicle. Later in the video, the green comedian became moderately irate, claiming he was ready to argue against anyone who questioned how Kevin Samuels positively contributed to the Black community. After calling Kevin’s criticizers “miserable”, T.I. stated:

“Ya’ll bullying a dead man. You ganging up on a dead man. The s**t is f***ing a travesty of justice. I can’t stand it!”

Then continued:

“I ain’t gon’ let y’all bully this dead man. We gon’ let this man rest in peace. Whatever he did, he did it and [he’s] gone. He got away with it, f**k ya.”


Kevin Samuels is widely known to have controversial views about Black men, women, and relationships. The entertainer was both praised and condemned for his emotion evoking opinions. He was only 54 years old at the time of his passing.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson