YFN Lucci Was Allegedly The Driver In Drive-By Shooting That Left 1 Dead

YFN Lucci Was Allegedly The Driver In Drive-By Shooting That Left 1 Dead

More information is coming out about the murder charges that rapper YFN Lucci is facing.

YFN Lucci (real name Rayshawn Bennett) was identified as the alleged the driver in a drive-by shooting that killed one person in the car, according to an arrest warrant obtained by Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

The arrest warrant alleges that YFN Lucci and “three other criminal street gang members” were in an area that a rival gang dominated when two people in the car started to shoot rifles. James Adams, who was in the car, died when he was hit in the head by returned fire.

Adams, who was 28, was reportedly captured on a video just ahead of the shooting. He allegedly said:

“We’re fitting to (expletive) this city up, man!”

That same day, YFN Lucci, who is facing murder, aggravated assault, participating in criminal street gang activity, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony charges, allegedly drove to Dimmock Street shortly after 5 p.m. and pulled onto the shoulder. Adams, along with Ra’von Boyd who was in the front seat, allegedly began to shoot. One of them hit a 32-year-old in the abdomen. He survived after going to a fire station to get help.

Adams was shot in the head and was “manually ejected” from the car and dropped at a street close by, the arrest warrant states. Police officers discovered him in the street when they arrived at the scene.

As previously reported, a 911 call related to the incident was released. In the audio, a woman is heard telling police she saw a white SUV speeding “with a man hanging out of the car” before he was pushed out into the street. She also said he looked like he had been shot and tried to get an ambulance to the area as he was “still trying to fight for his life.”

She stayed at the scene and said he was “taking his last breath.” He passed away shortly after.

YFN Lucci surrendered to police Wednesday (Jan. 13th). He was denied bond in his first court appearance Thursday (Jan. 14th).

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