Monica Denies Her Feud With Brandy Was Over A Boy: There Never Was A Boy, We Never Liked The Same Type Of Men. It Was A Song.

Brandy, Monica

Monica Denies Her Feud With Brandy Was Over A Boy: “There Never Was A Boy, We Never Liked The Same Type Of Men..It Was A Song”

Monica is clearing up the age old rumor that her beef with Brandy was over a boy. Brandy and Monica‘s record breaking Verzuz battle which took place Monday (August 31), was ranked as the most viewed out of the entire series with 1.2 million live viewers on Instagram.

During the Verzus, some viewers felt as if there was an awkwardness in the room.  During Monica’s recent interview with the Quick Silva Show she says that the ladies hadn’t been in the same room in 8 years.

“You know what I’m nothing to censor who I am or pretend. What you saw on camera was our first time being in the same room in 8 years.  We had not had any conversation other than the conversations that people had had about us.”

Both Brandy and Monica have done press following the battle, and it was previously revealed that Brandy apologized to Monica before going live.

“And you know she really came on her grown woman, and she apologized even about just things maybe she put on social, and stuff like that and we had a real heart to heart.”

Adding that their beef was never about a boy, Monica says:

“People forget that we were young, we were what 18 and 19 years old. And so now at 40 and 41 you just don’t view things the same. There never was a boy, we never liked the same type of men or anything remotely close, it was a song.”

She continued:

“Yea but you know that song, I always tell people to be careful, the tongue is beyond powerful and now so are the fingers because we’re typing the things that we think and a lot of the complexities you see between artists really isn’t between them, but it can become a real thing. And that’s what happened to us back in the day but, Im really glad that I did versus.”

Check out the clip below:

Brandy, recently did an interview with Hot 97 where she discussed the anticipation leading up to the battle and also shared that she and Monica, 39, had an in depth conversation prior to doing the Verzuz that ultimately led to an apology.

“In this one phase of my life, I just felt like I had this voice, and I need to use my voice I need to start clapping back I need to start saying what’s on my mind and I never should have done that. Thats just not even in my spirit, but I did do that and I felt like I needed to address her about those things , apologize about those things that I said in the media. 

Brandy continued,

“And then also just things that I felt like that we never talked about. I felt that i needed to just say all of that and just to let her know that she was safe and that she didn’t have anything to worry about going on this platform with me. I would never disrespect her in any kind of way. I wanted her to know that.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo