Two Florida Women ‘Dressed Up As Grannies’ Attempted To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Two Florida Women ‘Dressed Up As Grannies’ Attempted To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Two women in Orlando, Fla. went to great lengths to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Those older than 65 years old is one of the groups prioritized to receive the vaccine, which is a hot commodity amid the coronavirus pandemic, and two ladies in The Sunshine State took notice.

The women, who are actually 34 and 44, went to a vaccination location “dressed up as grannies”, Dr. Raul Pino, the health administrator for Orange County said earlier this week.

They went as far as showing valid Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cards, proving that they received the first dose of the vaccine. But when they arrived for their second, they were found out and told they didn’t qualify.

Dr. Pino said,

“I don’t know how they escaped the first time.”

Currently, Florida has vaccinated 42% of its population older than 65. Health care workers and those with underlying conditions also qualify to be in the first group to get vaccinated. While essential workers like teachers and police officers are trying to get vaccinated stat, it isn’t clear which group will be on deck next.

Dr. Pino added that the two women caught this week aren’t the only ones trying to rig the system.

He advised agencies giving the shot to be “very careful” of those “faking it”, stating:

“It’s probably higher than we suspect.”

He pointed out one younger guy pretended he was his father, who shares his name, in an effort to get the vaccine.

Dr. Pino has asked the two women to be issued trespass warnings. They weren’t charged but didn’t get the second dose of the vaccine.

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Authored by: Char Patterson