Rapper NLE Choppa Claims He Was ‘Set Up’ As He Faces Drug Charges: Substances Were Planted On Me

Rapper NLE Choppa Claims He Was ‘Set Up’ As He Faces Drug Charges: Substances Were Planted On Me

Update #2 (April 2nd): NLE Choppa is speaking out after news of his arrest made headlines earlier this week.

The rapper to Twitter to make a statement, alleging that he was set up. He wrote,

“To begin, when you start changing lives around you and began [sic] to stand for something deep in your purpose you become a target to a certain group of people and also the devil.”

He continued and claimed drugs were “planted” on him:

“During this arrest, I was setup, substances were planted on me that I don’t consume/use/own, my name was lied upon, and I was even mistreated in the process.”

He pointed out that his arrest was covered by multiple media outlets, adding:

“The case will be beat and I will walk a free man, remember it’s innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.”

He concluded by asking his followers for their support “and alow God to do his work.”

Original Story (March 29th): Rapper NLE Choppa was arrested Sunday night (March 28th) for multiple charges.

He was taken into custody in Florida is being charged with burglary unoccupied structure unarmed, carrying a concealed firearm, possession of marijuana, and possession of Xanax, according to arrest records obtained by Say Cheese TV. 

The bond for the concealed firearm charge is $1,000, $100 for the possession of cannabis, and $1,000 for possession of Xanax.

His mugshot was also released.

His trial is pending.

It’s not clear what lead to the arrest.

The story is still developing…

Earlier this month, NLE Choppa called out Twitter for censoring him, alleging he was being unfairly blocked from promoting his website.

“Twitter censor me everytime I drop something on my website when people literally got porn all on this app. Anytime I try to help my people they find some way to slow my progression … I simply be liking comments to take time out my day to show the same love back to my fans but sometimes I end up liking a homophobic comment, inappropriate comments, and ETC imma start reading more carefully cause y’all took advantage of me just tapping the heart button I see”

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Authored by: Char Patterson