EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Hampton Says Her Fans Deserve For Her To Be Full-Time ‘RHOA’ Peach Holder, Reveals She Had Lipo After Recent Cast Trip, Talks Current Friendship W/ Nene Leakes & Fallout With Porsha Williams

EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Hampton Says Her Fans Deserve For Her To Be Full-Time ‘RHOA’ Peach Holder, Reveals She Had Lipo After Recent Cast Trip, Talks Current Friendship W/ Nene Leakes & Fallout With Porsha Williams

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton revealed if she’ll ever get a peach of her own, talked about her drama with Kenya Moore, and gave us an update on her relationship with Nene Leakes.

Viewers were first introduced to style icon Marlo Hampton during the 4th season of RHOA.

Since then the 44-year-old socialite has won over the fans of the Housewives series and multiple people have asked when she’ll become a full-time cast member. During our chat with Marlo Hampton, she revealed that she cares about her fans getting what they want and seeing her hold her own peach. She said,

“I’m at a point now I care for the Hamptons [her fans] and the Hamptons want to see more of me. The Hamptons deserve to see more of me and really not have to make up the story. But I care now for my fans, you know, because the Hamptons made me who I am today. So I do feel that they deserve to really come into my life because people painted this picture who they wanted me to be and wanted the world to see me as, and it’s like it’s nothing like that. I’m totally different.”


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She added,

“You guys just see the fashion, me being opinionated and strong, outspoken. So you don’t see me when I’m crying. You don’t see me when I go downstairs with the boys or if I’m yelling or I’m upset at William for lying. You don’t see. You know me but you don’t know me.”

Marlo has been on RHOA since 2012 and during her entire time on the series, she’s never been one to bite her tongue which is why she sometimes gets into it with fellow cast member Kenya Moore. However, this current season the pair of ladies seem to be in a better place and Marlo shared with us how they were able to get there. She said,

“It’s just that it’s so much going on in the world, Black Lives Matter, a pandemic, we have argued so much, how much more can we argue? Can we at least respect each other enough as a black sister? Just ‘Hey girl I respect you.’ It was so much tension.”

She continued,

“Something touched me it was like ‘Hey, let this go. Let this go…’ If you and her could sit down and just respect each other enough… ‘Hey girl, love you.’ We’re not best friends, we’re taking baby steps.”

She added,

“I don’t want to walk around just like I’m that angry at Kenya. I’m not. It’s not that serious and we were friends before.”

Kenya Moore

Marlo gave us an update on her relationship status with her RHOA friend Porsha Williams as well.

According to Marlo, she didn’t realize that rekindling her friendship with Kenya would cause drama between her and Porsha.

“Do you remember last season when Kenya and Porsha were on playdates? I hated Kenya. I was in Portugal like ‘You better be careful of her. I don’t trust Kenya. She gonna cross you, she’s going this.’ I didn’t stop being Porsha’s friend! Long as Kenya didn’t come back and tell my personal business, what I told Porsha, I didn’t care.”

Marlo also added,

“I just wasn’t doing Kenya. So now I’m doing Kenya and [Porsha has] a problem with it? It was all over [her] face. I didn’t even know Porsha could be that mad.”

“I feel like, Porsha what the h*ll are you mad about? Girl, I know a lot about you that I have not told [and] I’m not gonna tell. I’m a let you do that because I mean, you’re here for social justice, I guess, but she’s not here for black women reuniting?”

Porsha Williams

A juicy topic from this current season of RHOA (season 13) is who allegedly hooked up with Bolo the stripper during Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette Party. Kenya Moore has suggested more than once that it was Porsha and another cast member that hooked up with Bolo.

When speaking on the stripper incident Marlo alluded that Porsha didn’t react like someone who was 100% innocent when being accused by Kenya. She said,

“If Kenya was in there saying that I slept with a stripper, and I made out with girls, and I had girls eating me out and stuff, and she’s lying I would have cursed Kenya a** out. It was just that the Porsha that I know is not going to let you sit and lie on her blatantly.”

Marlo revealed to us that even her teenage nephews asked if she had sex with Bolo and she told them

“Look, now you know better.” 

She continued and said that Porsha has been treating her funny since the ladies returned from the trip in South Carolina because of what Kenya accused her of.

“I haven’t crossed you. You’re mad because Kenya’s saying that you did something and because her and I made up. So you just don’t know where to go now. You’re scared like ‘Ooo is Marlo gonna cross me?’ What have I done? Because I asked you did you sleep with Bolo?”

In addition to dishing on the RHOA drama, Marlo exclusively shared with theJasmineBrand that she had a liposuction procedure done in her stomach area.

“I had lipo during the season, after our New Orleans trip.”

Bravo recently released pictures of what the RHOA ladies wore while filming the reunion and Marlo gave us insight into what this year’s theme was meant to be.

“Everything was supposed to be black. It was kind of confusing at first because it was like it was black, it was dungeon theme, it was burlesque, so we just went off the, you know, the dungeon theme. And I’m like you know what, sexy. I was like ‘sexy black’ that’s what it’s supposed to be.”

As mentioned above, Marlo is known for being a fashion expert. When talking with us she shared that besides herself, Kenya and Cynthia “looked gorgeous” and were her favorite looks from the reunion. She also said that Porsha looked pretty and she loved her short hairstyle. Marlo gave Kandi Burruss credit for following the theme best.

Marlo took the time to fill us in on her relationship with former RHOA star Nene Leakes and where they currently stand. According to Marlo, they don’t talk about RHOA but they are still friends.

“No, I don’t give her Housewives tea. I do talk to her. We don’t talk as much as we used to because I just feel right now Nene is going through – this was a huge part of her life. So I feel that my sister’s just right now, going through getting her together.”

She continued and said that they “still love each other” but they don’t talk every day, however. Marlo added that she would love to see Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, and Phaedra Parks make a return to RHOA.

She added,

“They’re epic. They’re amazing. They need to do a show, sh*t the four of them alone.”

Nene Leakes

Before our time with Marlo came to an end she shared with us the biggest misconception people tend to have about her.

“I guess they always talked about me being a prostitute and that I only date older white men.”

She corrected that common misconception and added,

“I [only] dated one older white man for four years.”

Marlo also cleared up stories surrounding her past arrest as well.

“I feel that everything in my life; from the negative, to the embarrassing, to the bad, it was supposed to happen. It was supposed to happen. My story isn’t your story or Susie’s story.”

She added,

“I can pay money to get my record expunged. No, I want [you all] to see it. I want such and such to see it because that’s who I am. But when you know better you do better. And I mean [this was] something over 20 years ago. If you’re gonna still hold me accountable and judge me for over 20 years ago… Being raised in the projects by a mother of substance abuse and drugs, coming from the hood, that’s on you.”

Marlo Hampton

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel