EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon Says ‘Her Vibe Was Different’ While Explaining Wendy Osefo’s Alleged Attitude Change, Defends Gizelle Bryant Friendship & Weighs In On Newcomer Mia Thornton

Robyn Dixon

EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon Says ‘Her Vibe Was Different’ While Explaining Wendy Osefo’s Alleged Attitude Change For Season 6 Of RHOP + Dishes About Her Friendship With Gizelle Bryant & Where She Stands With Newcomer Mia Thornton

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, RHOP star Robyn Dixon explains why she thinks her co-star, Wendy Osefo has had a different ‘vibe’. She also explained why she booted newcomer Mia Thornton out of her bedroom on the cast trip this season and opened up about not being the stereotypical Bravo housewife. She also shared details on her long-term friendship with Gizelle Bryant.

Baltimore native Robyn Dixon might just be the queen of multitasking. In addition to being a reality TV star, she’s also a mother of two boys, thirteen-year-old Corey and eleven-year-old Carter, a podcaster and a successful businesswoman. Robyn Dixon has been part of the main cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac since the series premiered in 2016. From the start of her housewife TV career, Robyn has proven that she’s not afraid to share her truth and go against the typical lifestyle that is normally portrayed on the popular Bravo franchise. She told us that she was upfront with producers about the life she was leading.

“When I joined the show I told them – I said look, ‘I’m not living that life. We’re, you know, we’re struggling financially.’ I was – yeah I was definitely divorced at the time. I told them everything and I said I don’t know why y’all talking to me or why you want, you know, want me on the show because I’m not living that life.”

Since season 1 of Potomac, a lot has changed for Robyn and her family and her financial problems now appear to be a thing of the past. The ‘Embellished’ business owner is also now engaged to her former ex-husband, Juan Dixon and their family recently moved into their dream home.

Robyn continued and shared how fans appreciate her being her authentic self no matter what.

“It’s been such a blessing to be myself and to share my story because I hear from so many people that thank me for representing for, you know, people who are going through stuff and for not pretending like everything is perfect.”

An ongoing discussion surrounding Robyn seems to be her loyalty to close friend and castmate Gizelle Bryant. The so-called ‘green-eyed bandits’ are often called out by their co-stars for taking up for one another, regardless of the situation. Robyn exclusively chatted with us about her relationship with Gizelle Bryant and the hate they receive for being friends.

“It’s so funny when people criticize, you know, when I stick up for Gizelle or vice versa. I’m so curious, I’m like ‘what kind of friendships do you all have?’ Like isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for your friends?”

Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant

She continued and shared that despite what people may say, she has no problem calling her best friend out.

“And vice versa, if she does something that I don’t agree with I’ll tell her so.”

Robyn also addressed people who claim she’s Gizelle’s puppet.

“I don’t even know what that means, like how am I her puppet just by defending her or if someone else is coming at her wrong why can’t I point that out to that person like ‘now you’re actually – you’re coming a little sideways.’”

“People conveniently forget the times when they have seen me call her out on stuff.”

Robyn was a trending topic earlier this season for an interaction she had with the series latest edition, Mia Thornton. While on a cast trip, Robyn had Mia Thornton switch bedrooms with her so she could be closer to Gizelle. Robyn explained to us why the infamous room switch went down.

“It’s so funny, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. In the moment I was like ‘okay all of the rooms were big and beautiful.’ They were all amazing and so it wasn’t like I wanted a better room than her. I [just] didn’t want to be next to the kitchen.”

She continued,

“Secondly, it’s like, I’m sorry y’all, like the new girl is already in the big beautiful house, she gotta put in some work! You know what I’m saying. So if I say ‘okay I want the room upstairs’ it shouldn’t be that big of a deal because you’re already lucky to be in that house.”

Robyn also mentioned that initially, Mia didn’t have issue switching rooms with her and her problems about the situation only appeared after the episode aired. She added,

“It’s funny when people get on these shows they get caught up on social media and that’s when the actual friendships break down because we were fine the whole season. I didn’t have a single issue with Mia, even like what happened early on with her kind of flip-flopping back and forth. We worked through it. And then I think people get on social media and they get caught up with the fans being shady and the attention they get from, you know, saying shady things.”

Mia Thornton

During that same trip, some of the ladies of Potomac addressed Wendy Osefo and her new look and alleged attitude since getting work done. As previously reported, Robyn and Gizelle called out Wendy Osefo for acting differently and seemingly ‘lacking substance’ after getting plastic surgery. During our interview, Robyn cleared up the comments she made about Wendy.

“First of all, we didn’t say lack of substance. It was – I’ll be honest, it was very hard for me to articulate what I was seeing in Wendy but I will be honest. From day one of filming, I felt something different. Her vibe was different, her energy was different, her personality was different.”

She continued and revealed that other cast members agreed with her but didn’t say so on camera.

“It really was just an overall vibe and feeling. I kind of would talk to people, you know, like – I mean I’m not gonna put anyone out there – and I would say ‘does Wendy feel different to you?’ And they would agree. Now, do they say it on camera? No.”

Gizelle Bryant, Wendy Osefo, Robyn Dixon

The RHOP cast trip had an explosive end when Wendy learned that Ashley Darby and Gizelle were chatting behind her back about a rumor her husband had been unfaithful. Robyn dished on the nature of the friendships of the Potomac women and shared that their conversations and interactions are pretty normal.

“If you take the cameras away, all of the conversations that we have with one another, they’re actually kind of normal conversations that you would have in your own friend circle.”

She added,

“So think about it, you have a friend group of five girlfriends you went to college with. You heard something about one of their husbands, what do most people do? They go talk to the other friends in the group about it right? That’s very normal.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel