Nicki Minaj Shows Love To Rapper Coi LeRay After She Receives Criticism Over Houston Show

Nicki Minaj Shows Love To Rapper Coi LeRay After She Receives Criticism Over Houston Show

Rapper Coi Leray took to Twitter this Memorial Day weekend to vent about a video that’s now gone viral from her live H-Town Memorial Day Mayhem performance in Houston, Texas. The clip shows a section of the crowd standing motionless while observing her perform.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check out the clip below.

After seeing the viral video, Coi Leray said this in her tweets,

“Feel like y’all tryna kill me.”

She added,

“The love use to outweigh the hate but now the hate outweigh the love and it’s slowly destroying me.” 

After venting in her tweets, Coi Leray received overwhelming support from peers like Polo G, Rubi Rose, and Asian Doll. The iconic Nicki Minaj intercepted Coi Leray’s discouraging tweets and supplied the rising artist with encouraging words of support.

Nicki Minaj said,

“Don’t do that. Chin up. Always remember this, when black ppl not fkn w|you #TheyWillBoo.”  “Those ppl were on their feet. That means they may not have known the song, but they were interested in getting to know more— so they were observing u. Charge it to the game & move on”



In true queen fashion, Nicki Minaj adjusted Coi’s crown, dusted her off, and told her to keep going. Minaj’s advice seemed to be especially helpful in uplifting Leray’s spirit, who tweeted that her kind words turned the last few days from “wtf to best weekend ever,” and became something she really needed to hear in that moment.

Coi Leray responded to Nicki Minaj with,

 “Thank you so much for this. This means everything and more to me. Wow. I’m speechless. You just gave me so much more hope. Thank you again.”

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Authored by: MiMi James