Ari Lennox Expresses Frustration Over ‘Craving’ Validation & The ‘Painful Reality Of Not Being Loved’: ‘It’s Truly A Miserable Existence’

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Expresses Frustration Over ‘Craving’ Validation & The ‘Painful Reality Of Not Being Loved’: ‘It’s Truly A Miserable Existence’

Prayers up for Ari Lennox.

The R&B singer shared a few saddened thoughts about her unfulfilled need to be loved and validated via social media recently, sparking an outpour of encouragement from fans.

Ari Lennox

In one post, the “Pressure” singer, real name Courtney Salter, 32, wrote:

“I hate that I crave validation in every ounce of my life. It is truly a miserable existence. I hate that I wish I was cool. I’m embarrassing. I don’t know when I’ll ever start loving myself. I don’t know if it’s possible. I can’t even enjoy all that I’ve created for myself.”

In a follow-up post, she added:

“It’s painful reality to not be loved yet to crave it so bad in the most harmful places. To not be able trust anyone. To want people around but to push them away simultaneously. It’s mental misery”

Lennox doesn’t explain what brought on the onset of emotionally draining feelings, only suggesting in one subsequent tweet that it’s “always at 10 a.m.”

The Dreamville artist often sings about romance and complications of love in her music, though the actual application of the word seems often to be elusive. Lennox previously opened up to fans about this recurring theme of missing love from her life back in March. She shared online:

“Have I made myself unattractive by wanting love so bad? By speaking about it? Complaining about it?”

The post continued:

“I wish I didn’t crave it. I wish it didn’t make me blind, weak and so dangerously trusting. I wish I had no love inside of me. Wish I didn’t have emotions. Wish I didn’t care.” 

At the time, Lennox was nearly a year removed from her speculated relationship with “Married At First Sight” star Keith Manley. The former pair’s romance was discovered after pictures of them on different dates began circulating online. Both entertainers were private about their situation while together, however, and remained radio silent following their split. In a subsequent podcast interview with Angela Yee’s “Lipservice,” Lennox made clear her intentions to never fall in love again.

Though it seems her journey to find love hasn’t been easy, one thing the singer can certainly rely on is support from her fans. Many took to the comments section of her recent post to share love and encouraging words. Rap star Bia even hopped in the comments section to shower her fellow musician with some love and affection.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson