Gabrielle Union Recalls Taking Stepdaughter Zaya Wade To First Pride Parade: It Was Like She Was Being Birthed On That Float


Gabrielle Union Recalls Taking Stepdaughter Zaya Wade To Her First Pride Event

Gabrielle Union continues to support stepdaughter  Zaya WadeThe 14-year-old has received mixed reactions from the internet since coming out as transgender at 12-years-old. Thankfully, she’s had the love and support of her father former basketball star, Dwayne Wade and stepmother actress Gabrielle Union.

In an interview with radio personality, Angie Martinez, Gabrielle Union discusses how she was able to get Zaya Wade to her first Pride event in 2019. She explains,

“We were having ya know a me and Zaya day and I called to make a reservation at this spot called Drag Queen Bingo.”

Zaya, Gabrielle Union

The 48-year-old actress continues to say how the restaurant asked her to be a part of their float. She says,

“So when I called to make a reservation they were like ‘this is kind of crazy I just want to put it out there would you ever be interested in being on our float? Our restaurant has a float and this year’s theme is Bring it On.’ Well let me ask my date if they would wanna come to Pride. So I was like Zaya, I have an opportunity to go to Pride would you wanna go? And she was like Pride? I’ve always wanted to go!”

Union went on to say how Zaya never expressed her desire to go to Pride but made it her mission to make sure she had her community around the float when they went.

“If we’re going to be a part of this parade and pride, we need our village Zaya’s village so family, friends, tutors, teachers, coaches. So everyone came out and they walked the whole parade route and watching Zaya on that float watching her with her community um and come alive it was like she was being birthed on that float.” 

What are your thoughts on Gabrielle taking Zaya to her first pride?

Authored by: Briana Gabrielle