Chloe Bailey Says ‘I Swear I Didn’t Know I Licked The Mic’ In VMA Performance

Chloe Bailey Says ‘I Swear I Didn’t Know I Licked The Mic’ In VMA Performance

Chloe Bailey was definitely in her own zone.

Singer Chloe Bailey, 23, stunned fans with her first solo performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards for many reasons but one, in particular, the actress says, she was unaware of.

Chloe Bailey

While performing her new single, ‘Have Mercy,’ viewers witness Bailey licking the mic at the end of her performance.

However, in a new tweet, Chloe Bailey is setting the record straight claiming she didn’t intentionally lick the mic.

“I swear I didn’t even know I licked the mic til after I watched the performance back.”


Chloe Bailey, who formally makes up one-half of the sister group ChloexHalle, has continuously made headlines since she and her sister announced separate social media pages, which also marked the start of their solo careers.

Following her performance, rumors of a Grown-ish’ actor began circulating about the singer’s dating life and rise to stardom. Many claimed that she was allegedly dating rapper Future, while others believed she had ‘sold her soul’ for fame.

Bailey denied dating or even knowing Future and on her soul she said,

“Also guys you know what really cracks me up, one moment you all say that I talk about God too much and the next you say I’m selling my soul. Which is it my loves? I love God so much and I love music and I just have a lot of passion. That’s it.”

She added,

I didn’t sell my soul, no. It’s funny to see that online and I’m happy you all think that the song (“Have Mercy”) is doing well enough for me to have to do that, but no.”


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Authored by: Ellori Nicole