Jayda Cheaves & Friend Reportedly Detained In Jamaica On Firearms Charges

Jayda Cheaves & Friend Reportedly Detained In Jamaica On Firearms Charges

Was Jayda Cheaves really arrested for gun charges in Jamaica?!

According to recent reports, Jayda Cheaves and Gregory Wright–a model and member of her entourage–were arrested on gun charges. The alleged incident went down during a recent vacation in Jamaica, where Jayda Cheaves–who shares a child with Lil Baby–was celebrating her 24th birthday.

Lil Baby

Reportedly, Jayda CheavesGregory Wright, and the rest of the group were preparing to leave Jamaica yesterday afternoon (Monday, Sept. 27th). However, the return trip did not go as planned, as a source with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) revealed:

“While preparing to depart the island, two persons were found to have been in possession of two 9mm pistols. They reportedly brought the firearms into the country on their private jet when coming into Jamaica. These weapons are licensed to the persons in question in their home countries, but not in Jamaica.”

Dadrian Gordan, a Jamaica-based radio broadcaster, also shared updates about the arrest on Twitter. She wrote that Jayda Cheaves was “detained for guns” and did not receive authorization to take the licensed firearms to Jamaica.

Later, she tweeted that both Jayda Cheaves and Gregory Wright will appear in Western Regional Court tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 29th).

Shortly after news broke about Jayda‘s alleged arrest, she seemingly addressed the situation on her Instagram Story. She wrote:

“ACT NORMAL. I’m good for now y’all.”

Jayda Cheaves has not issued any other public statements on the matter, and Lil Baby has remained silent so far as well.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley