Chris Brown Reacts To Kanye West’s New Hairstyle: He Got The Punishment Haircut

Chris Brown Reacts To Kanye West New Hairstyle: He Got The Punishment Haircut

Chris Brown is not impressed with Kanye West’s new hairdo.

Earlier this week, rapper Kanye West revealed his new haircut on Instagram. The cut garnished mixed reviews from fans and followers, and even singer Chris Brown had something to say.

On his Instagram story, Chris Brown wrote,

“He asked the barbour for the f***** up worldwide fade.” 

He added,

“N**** want to make ‘what the f***’ in style.” 

And continued,

“He got the punishment haircut.” 

This is not the first time Chris Brown had something to say about Kanye West. Back in September, Brown slammed West on social media after it was revealed that his verse had been removed from West’s album, ‘Donda.’ Calling him out on his IG story, Brown wrote,

“Kanye a whole h*e”

He later added,

“Nah he tweakin.”

In addition to a new haircut, West was also granted permission to officially change his name to ‘Ye,’ which he plans to brand and market on products like face masks, computers, sports bags, home goods, and even a dating website.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole