Kanye West Removes Chris Brown’s Hook On ‘New Again’ From Updated Version Of ‘Donda’ Album

Kanye West Removes Chris Brown’s Hook On ‘New Again’ From Updated Version Of ‘Donda’ Album

Is Kanye West having second thoughts about including Chris Brown on Donda?

Earlier today (Tuesday, Sept. 28th), a Kanye West fan account announced that an updated version of Donda was available for streaming. The Twitter account also highlighted some of the changes that came with the update, such as Chris Brown‘s background vocals being removed from “New Again” and replaced with the Sunday Service Choir.

For context, in the original version of “New Again,” Chris Brown and Kanye West sing the chorus in the middle of the song while the Sunday Service Choir harmonizes at the very end. However, in the updated version, the Sunday Service Choir takes Chris Brown‘s place singing alongside Kanye.

You can hear both versions of the track down below, with the original on top and the update on the bottom:

Notably, this isn’t the first time Kanye West has made changes to “New Again.” During the song’s production, Chris Brown provided a verse that was slated to be incorporated. However, Kanye ultimately decided to ax the verse when he dropped Donda last month, and he only kept Chris Brown on the chorus.

This apparently caused some issues with Chris Brown, as he took to his Instagram Story to blast the rapper. After Donda dropped and Chris Brown discovered his verse was removed, he wrote:

“Kanye a whole h*e”

The singer later added:

“Nah he tweakin.”

Additionally, he also leaked his original verse for the track. You can listen to it down below.

While Kanye and Chris Brown later allegedly settled their beef over the matter, it’s unclear if the new update to “New Again” will cause problems between the artists to resurface.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley