Lil Nas X Honored With ‘Lil Nas X Day’ By Atlanta City Council


Lil Nas X Honored With ‘Lil Nas X Day’ By Atlanta City Council

Lil Nas X has taken the music world by storm and now he’s being celebrated more than ever. The Atlanta native attended a homecoming event hosted by Atlanta musician and producer, Dallas Austin.The Atlanta City Council wanted to commemorate his success by honoring the 22-year-old rapper with his own holiday which they named “Lil Nas X Day.”


His official day in Atlanta is Oct. 20th, 2021. Council member, Antonio Brown, the first openly gay councilman who’s also running for mayor, presented him with two City Council proclamations for his achievements.


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In honor of the special occasion Antonio Brown said,

“You continue to break barriers, and you do it unapologetically, and I think it inspires so many people in this city. You’re an example of the possibilities that exist within all of us. So on behalf of the City of Atlanta. I would like to honor you with a city proclamation, acknowledging your success, especially from [your] hometown here in Atlanta, Georgia.”

He continues,

“And Lil Nas, I just want to say, you inspire me. I’m running to be the mayor of Atlanta, I would be the first LGBTQ mayor in the history of this city, and you inspire me to believe that I can do it, so thank you.”

The Industry Baby rapper then teared up and said a few words as he accepted his awards. He said,

“I would not have imagined I would be here four years ago … This is incredible, man, I mean life just keeps getting better. I’m from Atlanta and I’m sure a lot of you probably didn’t even know I was from Atlanta because it’s not something I’m always yelling, but I’m from the A.”

Lil Nas X goes on to say,

“I didn’t prepare a speech or anything, but I’m happy that all of you guys are here right now. I’m happy everybody’s just having fun, living in the moment, as I hope to do as I keep thriving and keep going in my career.”

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle