Normani Reveals That She ‘Was So Terrified’ To Play ‘Wild Side’ For Her Dad


Normani Reveals That She ‘Was So Terrified’ To Play ‘Wild Side’ For Her Dad

Normani was a little nervous to play her latest music release for her dad. During a recent interview with Ebro Darden, Normani, 25, showed her vulnerable side and shared why she was anxious to play the sexual song ‘Wild Side’ for her dad. She said,

“I was so terrified to play this song for my dad… terrified… oh my goodness….avoiding it, he kept asking to hear the record because everyone else heard it but he didn’t hear it.”

She continued,

“And my dad is my biggest fan… he works nightshifts. He hustles for his family and so to get through the night sometimes he listens to all my records and he was dying to listen to this one and I was just like ‘Dad, um, I’ll play it for you later.'”

She added that her mom eventually played the track for her dad and he loved it.

“He was like ‘That sh*t is hard,’ he’s like ‘that sh*t is fire’ and he told me all the time, every single day, I kid you not: he’s like ‘Are you ready to take over the world? Are you ready to take over the world?’ He loves the song, he loves the record.”

During the interview, Normani also shared why she decided to drop ‘Wild Side’ as her latest single.

“It was very important for me to lead with this record, specifically because representation is key, and me coming from a multi-cultural group, a very mainstream pop group, I wanted my fans to see this other layer of me. Not just artistically but like, this is who I am as a person. I’m a Black female who can do the pop sh*t but I can also be on a record with Cardi, and I could do features with 6LACK. I’m all of those things.”

She added,

“I feel like people are so quick to put me in a box and create barriers but I’ve always been expressive of the fact that I want to be genre-less, I can do it all.”

In addition to that, Normani praised Cardi B, who is featured on the track, and agreed to film the music video while pregnant.

“[Cardi B] was such a trooper. Pregnant and all. She showed up to the music video shoot, she showed up to the artwork shoot, and she didn’t complain one bit. Like she is one of the most genuine spirits I ever had the pressure of meeting. And I wish the world could experience her the way that I have been fortunate enough to. She was very very encouraging throughout the whole process… just reminding me of who I am… and sometimes I lose sight of that.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel