R. Kelly – Parents Of His Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Worried Singer Is Controlling Her From Jail

R. Kelly – Parents Of His Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Worried Singer Is Controlling Her From Jail

While R. Kelly is in jail and has officially been convicted of racketeering and sex abuse claims, the parents of his girlfriend Joycelyn Savage are still worried about her wellbeing.

According to reports, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage are concerned their 26-year-old daughter is under the disgraced singer’s control.

They said today (Nov. 5) that even though R. Kelly is behind bars, they can only contact Joycelyn through his team. The Savages say they’ve attempted to let her know that her grandfather recently passed, and her grandmother died of cancer earlier this week, but haven’t received word that she actually got the messages.

Timothy Savage took to Instagram to tell Joycelyn Savage, 

“I need to see you at your Nana funeral”

They have been trying to get in contact with Joycelyn Savage after R. Kelly’s conviction in September but have yet to be successful.

Joycelyn’s parents have been attempting to get her to come home since 2017 when they alleged she was brainwashed and being held against her will.

She later released a video and denied her family’s claims.

Joycelyn has stood by R. Kelly even after another girlfriend, Azriel Clary, returned to her parents and agreed to cooperate with authorities at 22 years old. She had reportedly been living with the singer since she was 17.

The ladies got into an infamous altercation on Azriel Clary’s Instagram Live in early 2020 at R.Kelly’s condo at Trump Tower.

Azriel Clary later pressed charges.

The year before, they called out their parents in a telling interview with Gayle King. 

Azriel Clary spoke with Gayle King again earlier this year and said R. Kelly “coached” them on what to say in the viral interview.

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Authored by: Char Patterson