Al B. Sure! Shares Cryptic Message About Late Kim Porter: She Was Running–I Said Call The FBI

Al B. Sure! Shares Cryptic Message About Late Kim Porter: She Was Running–I Said Call The FBI

Did Kim Porter really die of pneumonia, or was her true cause of death more nefarious?

As you may recall, Kim Porter–who shares three children with Sean “Diddy” Combs–died of pneumonia about three years ago while in her sleep. Many were left perplexed that Kim Porter–who was only 47 at the time of her passing–died of pneumonia so quickly, though her death was confirmed to have been a result of natural causes.

Kim Porter

Despite the coroner ruling out foul play, record producer Al B. Sure! (real name Albert Joseph Brown III)–who had a son with Kim Porter back in 1991–is suggesting that he suspects otherwise. Recently, Al B. Sure! uploaded a photo of him and Kim Porter accompanied by an eyebrow-raising caption:

“She sent me this saying ‘Life imitating art, art imitating life.’ Now it all makes sense • #Star @fox She told me other stuff too. She was running [insert track star emoji] I said call the #FBI.”

Shortly after uploading the image, Al B. Sure noticeably edited the last part of the caption and removed any mention of the FBI. You can see the post and new caption down below.

This is not the first time Al B. Sure! has shared a cryptic message about Kim Porter’s death. Last summer, the 53-year-old producer shared a now-deleted video of his initial reaction to Kim‘s sudden death. The part of the upload that caught most viewers’ attention was the caption, in which Al B. Sure! explicitly refers to Kim‘s death as a murder:

“Just found this footage from the morning I learned of @LadyKP’s aka #KimPorters murder and how it ripped the soul from my physical body. I was on my way to film the pre show packages for the #BETAwards with @tishacampbellmartin & @tichinaarnold when I receive a call from PR icon #QueenieDonaldson asking me if I was ok and did I hear the news. I had no clue [but] I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn’t just check out all of a sudden over pneumonia. That’s some bull s**t. Really? This is where I get in trouble. We just celebrated our son @Quincy’s new deal and Christmas special with @Netflix, and she was in fantastic health as well laughing seeing me and @Diddy’s mutual exchange at the theater. I’m going to leave it here.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley