Nicki Minaj Rips Into RHOP’s Ashley Darby: You Ain’t Lug Yo’ Breast Milk Down There To Start Some Drama…?!

Nicki Minaj Savagely Rips Into RHOP’s Ashley Darby: You Ain’t Lug Yo’ Breast Milk Down There To Start Some Drama…?!

Legendary rap star Nicki Minaj did not hold her tongue at the Real Housewives of  Potomac reunion.

Nicki Minaj sat in the co-host’s chair for part three of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Nicki’s alter-ego “Andiana Minaj” took her hosting gig by the reins and wasn’t shy when it was time to cross-examine the cast members. Andiana kicked off the night by questioning Ashley Darby:

“My first question is, Ashley, first of all, I wanna say I love seeing you with your boys, but um, to me, because you had just had a baby and you wanted to be home, rightfully so, with your babies, it seemed like you didn’t have much of a storyline.”

She continued:

“So…is that why you were willing to like be Gizelle’s sidekick and be shady to Wendy? You ain’t lug yo’ breast milk down there to start some drama to be petty so you could get some more camera time, chile?”

That question alone caused a frenzy on the stage as cast members frantically interjected. Ashley Darby quickly denied Andiana’s claims, but she had difficulty doing so. Andiana’s presence and line of questioning left Ashley, along with the rest of the cast, a trembling, nervous wreck. She didn’t stop there, either. Andiana continued to aggressively press the housewives like they were in the midst of an interrogation.

Viewers praised Nicki’s performance on Twitter:


Nicki announced her spot on the reunion via Instagram back in October. The Real Housewives franchise producer Andy Cohen confirmed that she would be stepping in to have her own discussion with the cast. Although Nicki showed them no mercy at the reunion, the cast seemed to enjoy having her as a host. They’ve reposted the picture they took with her on the stage several times since the reunion premiered.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya