L.A. County Wants Vanessa Bryant’s Crash Site Photo Lawsuit Dismissed, Says Her Claims Of Emotional Distress Are ‘Hypothetical’

Vanessa Bryant – L.A. County Wants Her Crash Site Photo Lawsuit Dismissed, Says Her Claims Of Emotional Distress Are ‘Hypothetical’

Vanessa Bryant’s ongoing court battle with Los Angeles County continues as lawyers seek to have her crash site photo lawsuit dismissed.

Los Angeles County continues to challenge Vanessa Bryant’s accusations. An issue for a summary judgment was requested by L.A. County on Monday (Nov. 23). The motion would result in the dismissal of Vanessa’s lawsuit, in which she claims the photos taken of her husband and daughter’s lifeless bodies were damaging.

In the documents for the new motion, the county disputes the NBA widow and mother-in-mourning by arguing:

“It is undisputed that the complained-of photos have never been in the media, on the internet, or otherwise publicly disseminated,” 

They continued:

“Bryant’s suit is without legal merit and should be dismissed.”

Since the fatal helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others in 2020, Vanessa has fought to have Los Angeles County held accountable for their inappropriate behavior following the accident. The lawsuit in question was filed last year and slams first responders for parading around the gruesome photos taken of the scene. Despite Vanessa’s claims of severe emotional distress, invasion of privacy, and a deputy revealing that he shared the photos with two associates, L.A. county wants to dismiss the damage as “hypothetical.”

The county’s lawyers noted that, while the photos were leaked to outsiders, the majority of the people who saw the photos were authorized to do so.

Vanessa’s attorney, Luis Li, has nothing to say about the debacle. Her legal team is gearing up for the war ahead and is set to appear in court late next month. They also intend to file a response to the motion. Vanessa hasn’t commented on the matter.

Authored by: Roganí Araya