LeBron James Tests Positive For COVID, May Have To Miss Next 10 Days Of Practice & Games

LeBron James Tests Positive For COVID, May Have To Miss Next 10 Days Of Practice & Games

LeBron James has officially tested positive for coronavirus.

Yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 30th), the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings in a 117-92 game. However, one high-profile Lakers star–LeBron James–was noticeably absent from the matchup due to health-related NBA protocols!

Hours before the game was set to begin, news broke that LeBron James would not be participating. The initial reasoning behind the decision was fairly vague, with Lakers reporter Mike Trudell tweeting:

“LeBron James is out tonight against Sacramento due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols.”

Due to the nature of the tweet, many assumed the matter was COVID-related. However, it was initially unclear if the 36-year-old athlete tested positive or was merely in close contact with someone else who had contracted the virus.

Shortly thereafter, an update was provided that shed more light on the matter. Reportedly, LeBron was given a COVID test yesterday (Nov. 30th) which came back positive. He then took a second test to double-check the results, though this one came back negative. After taking a third test to essentially break the tie, LeBron James ultimately tested positive for coronavirus.

LeBron is reportedly asymptomatic and is back home recovering. Per NBA protocol, he will have to either submit two negative tests or stay away from all team-related activities for 10 days.

LeBron James

This news comes about two months after the NBA star confirmed he was vaccinated for COVID-19. Despite being fully vaxxed, LeBron made it clear that he wasn’t interested in advocating for others to do the same:

“You have to do what’s best for your family. So I know what I did for me and my family. I know some of my friends and what they did for their families. But as far as speaking for everybody and their individualities and things that they want to do, I don’t feel like that…that’s not my job.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley